Mobile game development is taken as the fastest growing sector of gaming industry. From the evolution of game Tetris and “Snake” in our mobile phones to the Clash of Clans and Poker games, mobile games have traversed all zones and sectors of the industry and with evolving technology it will advance even more brightly. As in 2019, this mobile gaming industry has generated the revenue of net worth of approximately $70 Billion; this will be on subsequently rise to $80 Billion by the end of 2020. Thus, if you are thinking of giving a try in gaming industry with your idea of a gaming venture, then, the time is right to get one. You should approach an outstanding mobile game development company that could hear your idea to process out the exact game development as well as let hire mobile game apps developers who can transform your idea to a virtual reality. Among the rising avenues for mobile games, the number of mobile game development company is also on rise. Hence, finding the right android game development company is considered as a task. Here, we are discussing the criteria to find the best game development studio that can help you with your game.

What are the Various Genres of Mobile Games?

Before finding the right solution for mobile games, you should know about the genres that are popular and in trend; to understand the audience’s interest. So the genres are listed as follows:-

Casino Games

Online casino games are basically a virtual version of land based casino. For this genre, casino game developers have worked hard to provide the players real casino experience with their smartphones or smart devices. This game variant consists of games that are based on various possible random outcomes or combinations of outcomes. The games such as Slot, Bingo, Roulette, Lottery, Blackjack, Baccarat and many other are the part of the casino industry. These games have caught the attention of several mobile game players as they receive the highest number of installs in android playstore.

Most of the casino game development company have developed the ready made solutions for bingo, slot game development for casino games. Thus, it would be advisable to casino operators that they should prefer buying ready-made solutions of casino games, like they can buy slot art or rent slot art which can be integrated on websites and to be launched on Appstore or Google Play within few weeks. The online slots and Bingo games are most popular online games in USA, UK, Australia, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, India and Russia.

Card Games

These games belong to the traditional roots of our origin. They are basically played with the deck of cards are called as a card games. The card game development company is always ready to try for bringing several card games to our smartphones. The games like Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti, Omaha Poker, Holdem Poker and many more games falls into this category. Similar to the casino games, card games have acquired attention from the card game players across the globe especially, USA, Israel, Hong Kong, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and other corners of the world.

With advancement in game development technologies, poker development company have undergone with several changes to bring such amazing poker products for the audiences. The Poker is most loved game under this genre.

Puzzle Games

Basically, the game which focuses on ‘problem solving skills’ are called as Puzzle game. As these games have limited number of attempts and time to finish the puzzle game , thus, with better problem solving skill, one can rule the game easily. The games like tile-matching, trial and error, hidden object games etc falls under this category.

Sport Games

These games are trying to recreate the realistic gaming experience for the sports like football, basketball, soccer, cricket and many more. They usually come up with tournaments, marathons to attract the players and keep them engaged with the game for longer period of time.

Casual Games

The game which is just meant for fun with simple rules and with certain directions to follow. The games like adventures, action, arcade, word, trivia, and strategy games fall under this category. The most important aspect of the genre is that this game has the widest mass of audience with wide range of age group. Thus, the popularity and importance of casual game is never going to be fade away.

Hypercasual Games

The simple yet engaging with shorter game play time is in trend. Hyper casual games are much simpler than casual games, which is why they have been blooming so much in the gaming industry. They have started gaining attention since beginning with the simple concept of avoiding stress. These games usually have one goal to achieve and are on level basis, which keeps the user or player engage with the game for a long span of time.

Board Games

The game whose mechanics is based on a boards and its pawns available to play the game. The games like Monopoly, Checkers, Ludo, Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes, Sudoku, Snookers, etc. comes under the board games. These games are based purely on strategy and chance where they goal; which is applicable to every player involved in the game which is to defeat their opponents on the basis of counters, positions and points.

Runner Games

The runner games are basically action oriented games and casual games with slight differences. They begin with simplest level and goes forward with tougher stages as there is generally no end. It flows in continuous level. Our games like Jungle Jumping KidNight SurfersCatch the Bull comes under this genre only.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Game Development Company?

Reputation and Experience

The foremost criteria that defines any best game development company is its reputation, work history and working experience. You should look for reviews, testimonials of their clients from previous works. Also note that you should prefer the mobile game development company which has more than 5+ years of experience working in game development. The long running experienced game development must be preferred as they are more trustworthy and reliable than others.


The portfolio illustrates all the kind of projects which are handled by an outstanding game development studio in its past time. Evaluating the portfolio will help you in making the quick decision for your project. A strong portfolio defines the quality of the product that the studio delivers.

Mobile Game Development Services

The wider range of mobile game services offered by the best game development company provides you if they have worked or are offering wide range of mobile game development services as per your requirement. The best game development studios offer services like card games development, casino game development, arcade game development, board game development, HTML5 game development, including Android game development and iOS/Iphone game development etc..

Comprehensive Game Development Process

The right game development process defines the working methodology of the project. This process also defines the successful delivery of the game with high-quality with proper updation and execution.

  • Discuss the idea to evaluate and develop a detailed concept
  • Refine the idea to transform it into exact execution plan
  • Creating game objects, animations and background
  • Coding of the game mechanics and creating game level designs and UI elements
  • Integrating all games elements
  • Quality Assurance and testing
  • Submission of the game
  • Launching the game on app store

Cost and Affordability

There are several organizations that offer you game development solutions at lower rates but later deliver the game with poor quality and negligible market relevancy. Thus, you should prefer to choose the mobile game development company with good reviews and you will find that their charges are reasonable to provide you high quality solutions.

Technical Expertise of the Mobile Game Developer

The mobile game developers are the strength of the game development studios. Thus, their experience, knowledge, expertise are asset for the agency as well as to your project. You should evaluate their knowledge on frameworks and game engines like Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, HTML5, etc..

All of the above criteria will be a major help when you are deciding for the best android game development company. Lets see the questions that you should raise while hiring the mobile game development studio.

What Questions Must Be Asked to Hire Mobile Game Developers From The Best Game Development Company Onboard?

Can I see your previous works?

Previous work means the portfolio of mobile game development company and mobile game apps developers both. This will be representing the complexities and clear picture of the quality of the product they delivered.

Which game development methodology do you follow?

This will detail out the assurance of success of your mobile gaming project. The development process by any android game development company prefers to plan a plan a road map systematically to create your game idea into a perfect gaming product which requires a right team and great project management. Thus, before you hire mobile game developers or android/iOS game developers, confirm the development methodology.

Can I know about your team?

You will get to know the team structure and number of android or iOS game developers, unity3D game developers, QA analysts and game testers and designers will be hired for your gaming project with the answer of this question. You will be also getting to know the experience and knowledge of the tech stack they work on.

How we will be communicating with you?

When you are outsourcing a team of mobile game apps developers, with android or iOS game developers communication becomes crucial, keeping different time zone and locations in mind, you should ask this question to find the various channels to establish an effective communication with the team.

Do you develop a mobile game for cross-platform?

If you are considering android game development to expand to iOS/Iphone game development or vice versa, you should confirm with the mobile game developers by asking the above question if they would be able to work on cross-platform game development.

What services are included in the cost?

You should confirm if your cost is validating all services involved in game development, such as game design, game testing, post-launch support, etc. The cost of these services are included in the total budget finalized for the project.

Coming up with an idea and risking your cost in the game development is a crucial and big decision, thus, it is advisable to make sure that your cost is going in the right and fruitful direction. Consider all the above mentioned tips before making any decision will be helping you in several ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which game engines you prefer to work for a mobile game development project?

We prefer using Cocos2D, Unity, Unreal and HTML5 for mobile game development project.

2. What genres of game development services you offer?

We offer several game development services like casino game development (Slots), card game development (Poker, Rummy etc), casual Game development, hypercasual game development, board game development, puzzle game development & many more using our advanced game engines.

3. Which game development methodology you prefer?

At Creatiosoft, we prefer Agile Methodology for game development.

4. Have you ever published the games on iOS App Store or Google Play store?

Yes, we have published several games for our clients on the App Stores as well as Google Play Store successfully.

5. Can we contact Creatiosoft today for mobile game development?

Yes, you can contact us today with your idea for any mobile game development services. You need to visit the contact us page or mail us at or whatsapp or call us at +91-8860912115.