Seeing the evolution with gaming trends where easy,comfortable and quick to play is the new trend, which is why hypercasual games have found their new ways to seek new heights and new records to maintain the competitive streak of the mobile game development company. From the mid-core, casual games to hard-core games at current scenario hyper casual game development is ruling the app charts. Seeing its rising potential growth, game publishers are seeking it as perfect opportunity in stepping in game industry.

What Features of Hypercasual Games are Attracting Players to Itself?

As hypercasual games focuses on the core game play which is intense and interesting. Thus, Hypercasual game development company often include some of the following attributes in their hypercasual games to attract their players.

  • Single core mechanics
  • Lightweight game
  • Focus intensive with minimalist UX.
  • Simple beautiful design, often 2D flat design, simple color pallet
  • Easy game loop as ‘Tap to Play’ anywhere
  • Infinite replays
  • Highly repeatable gaming process.
  • With ads have higher rates of revenue returns.

Why Hypercasual Games are Growing so Rapidly?

The rise of hypercasual games was spiked when it partnered with unity. In 2019, 78% of the mobile game downloads were of this genre. There are three major factors which made the hyper casual gaming so popular.

Simple Game Mechanics

The first major reason is its simplicity and easy game mechanics which easily connects with user, thus users are keen to engage with such games. These games can be controlled easily which is comfortable for players.

Shorter Gameplay Time

These games have short gameplay time whose goals are clear. These games are so simple to handle that users can play it anywhere and anytime be it cafe, subway, bus or metro anyplace they want to.

Easy to Market the Hypercasual Games

These games are popular because of potential and good audience which is because of its ease to market these games. The better audience encourage better engagement and best profit margin. Thus, unity hypercasual game development company are seeking the right strategy to market these games so that better audience is welcomed to this genre.

What are the Effects of Hypercasual Games on the Mobile Gaming Industry?

Hypercasual is booming avenue in the mobile gaming market which is still looking for answer for is it long term model or its just a transition to a modernizing gaming experiences?

The purpose behind this genre is to avoid stress and appeal to all type of audience. Here 55% players across the world are women. Another faring benefit to a hypercasual approach is its cost, and how high acquisition rates for other gaming genres are turning mobile game developers to hypercasual game development. The reports are suggesting that hyper casual game publishers are getting 65% of their ad revenue through iOS and 37% on Android.

Hypercasual game development have introduced new players to the market and with social media their expand has reached beyond measures. Studies have found that these new players are playing both IAP and hypercasual games; 20% of them are playing hypercasual games first and then play IAP games. This is creating the nurturing effect on new gamers.

How 2020 is Faring with Hypercasual Game Development?

Even due to global pandemic and shift in business model from the December 2019 to March 2020, installs grew more than doubled (110%). As in December 2019, they have already crossed one billions which was exceeded by 72% in March 2020. The report suggest that the ratio of paid vs. organic installs to share the dynamics of installation of such gaming apps from paid advertising to organic installs. What we found was surprisingly the downfall to 26% from 80% in October 2019 and subsequently declined to 59% in March 2020. here, Organic installs was decided as the winner which also revealed that people during their stay at homes were more willing to play such games to experiment. As the purpose is served, “Avoid the Stress”.

How the Future of Hypercasual Games and Unity Hypercasual Game Development Company will Shape Up?

If we can see foresee, we are ready to witness new and emerging height fit for hypercasual game installs. We can see the better and likeable revenue growth from this market which will be increasing with similar rate just like current year. If we trust the predictions and analysis, then 35% of growth with higher retention rate with technological advancement from outstanding mobile game development company to encourage the support of the hypercasual game development.

We are most likely to see the slight shift in the market once this category or genre would be matured like:-

  • Once the marketing business model will be optimized then, IPM growth will be stabilized.
  • Downward margin pressure will change the publishing model which would be encouraging the lead game publishers for mobile game development as well, creating more space for smaller mobile game development company or small team of mobile game developers to publish independently.
  • The ideas for hypercasual games will be limited very soon, every new game idea will come up with multiple clones. Thus, the trend for reskinning or cloning of hypercasual games will be in demand.

Keeping all over the notions of growing industry for hypercasual game development and its future, the mobile game development company have taken their keen interest for unity hypercasual game development in USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Libya, Kuwait, Israel, Egypt and Italy. Since the brands are showing their interest understanding the value advertising in-game with rewarded video can bring to them in terms of high-quality and engaged users, and high view ability. Their interest is encouraging the mobile game developers to create such games which can influence the entire industry of whatsoever sector and for any purpose and thus serve as perfect blooming business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which technology stack is preferred for hypercasual game Development?

We prefer to use our technology stack using Unity, Unreal & Cocos Creator.

  1. Why to choose the hypercasual game development from Creatiosoft?

The long run of experience of Creatiosoft have created the trust for best quality mobile game devlopment servcies for all genres including hypercasual game development. Their hypercasual game development team comprises of talented mobile game developers and marketers who have years of experience in hypercasual game development.

  1. Can you develop hypercasual game development ?

Yes, we can develop hypercasual game development using our hypercasual game developers expertise and skills.

  1. Can we contact Creatiosoft today for hypercasual game developement ?

Yes, you can contact us today for hypercasual game developement. You need to visit the contact us page or mail us at or whatsapp or call us at +91-8860912115.