Mobile game development is a process to transform an idea of a game into reality for various mobile platforms. Top mobile game development companies in India follow various steps like the design of storylines and characters, production, launch, and monetization. We need advanced features, constant updates, engaging graphics, and a grasping plot to make your mobile game a success in the online gaming community. You can also even leverage the facility to customize a game and relaunch it for a targeted audience such as newbies or professionals with the help of the best mobile game development company in the USA, UK, and India. You can also improve engagement factors with an improved user experience for modern mobile game players by introducing frequent updates in your games.

Creatiosoft, the best mobile game development company in the USA and India, offers highly engaging and quality mobile game development services. Thus, Creatiosoft is the right destination for your search to hire an expert team of game developers or designers or game development companies for mobile game development for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, or web-based games from scratch. We possess a team of expert and highly skilled android game developers who are very well acquainted with every stage of mobile game development.

What Are Popular Mobile Game Development Services Creatiosoft Offers?

Some of the most popular mobile game genres are as follows

Casual / Social Games

They are fun and light games that people usually play to destress. These casual games like Tetris, tic tac toe, crosswords, etc take minimal effort to play and attract the maximum user base for the mobile game development. Creatiosoft offers a wide range of expertise with their best 3d game developers to deliver the best casual gaming experience to players of every age.

Puzzle Games

Games like word puzzles, match-three games, or brain teasers, puzzle games primarily focus on brain development and strategy. These games come as various challenges to the player with a unique sequence when one wants to look for a break. Famous puzzles for mobile include games like Blek, Threes, and Four Letters.

Board Games

Classic board games have been popular for a generation and have found a good place in the digital world as well. Our expert android game developers have delivered such board games that offer the real experience of actual board games. Popular examples include Carcassonne, Splendor, Pandemic and Catan, chess, ludo, etc.

Our expert mobile game developers have worked the longest in the game development industry. Our experience and knowledge about modern game engines enable us to curate plausible and feasible solutions. We are a trendsetter mobile game development company based in Noida location in India who has worked enough to understand the several complexities that a game idea might suffer while transitioning into the actual mobile game.

Why You Should Choose Creatiosoft For Mobile Game Development?

At the best game development company in India, Creatiosoft, we primarily focus on providing such mobile gaming solutions which reduce the efforts of our clients to manage the game. With our state-of-the-art customer support facilities and post-launch maintenance services, we make sure that our clients achieve long-term profitable growth. Our expert mobile game developers have years of experience in delivering all types of gaming apps starting with your idea of the final deliverables.

Our proficient mobile game developers have the ability to develop mobile game solutions that have drawn maximum traction with ever-increasing downloads.  We are always looking for dynamic mobile market trends and analyzing them to map the feasibility with the upcoming mobile technology.  Thus, we are able to present better ideas and solutions to our clients to turn their investment into a profitable area of the mobile market. Our well-planned project management with affordable gaming solution development services and other supportive measures for our advanced mobile game development services makes us the most preferred choice among the leading mobile game development companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Mobile Game Development Important?

The mobile games development industry is emerging as one of the most rapid billion-dollar revenue-making domains every year. Our experts have noticed a high drop in video games has dropped and whereas most people are looking to get mobile game apps only. At present, mobile game development is one of the most profitable and growing businesses. People from every age group from children to adults are attracted to these mobile games due to mobile game development. With modern smartphones with modern graphic processors, the best mobile game development companies have rendered better gaming experiences.

These days, mobile games are not just a medium of entertainment but also for learning and training purposes. It is also widely used for product marketing and branding by the best mobile game development companies. Thus, it is now an individual medium to earn revenue by engaging people with a better gaming experience.

2. What are the top categories of mobile game development?

Although people are actively engaged in the Action and Adventure categories, they prefer casual, hypercasual games based on HTML5 are the most demanded categories in mobile game development. Card games, casino games, RPG, and simulation games are next in line categories for the best android game development company.

We offer several game development services like casino game development ( Slots), card game development ( Poker, Rummy, etc), casual Game development, hypercasual game development, board game development, puzzle game development & many more using our advanced game engines.

3. What factors affect the cost of mobile game development?

There are multiple factors that influence the costs of mobile game development. It also varies from project to project, like mobile game development from scratch or customization in any existing mobile game or licensing them. The complexity of the mobile game app development project is also affecting the cost of mobile game development. Additionally, the factors that affect the  cost are as follows:

  • Game type
  • Game complexity
  • Art style ( 2D/ 3D)
  • Animation required
  • Marketing and UA costs

4. How long does it take to develop a game app?

The time to develop a mobile game app depends upon the complexity and structure of the project. Generally, it can take anywhere between 6-9 months to develop a mobile game app.

5. Do you publish the game to the Apps Store?

TYes, we extend our services to publish your mobile game app to the Google Play Store or App Store.

6. What are the stages of mobile game development?

Mobile game app development has 3 main phases.


These days, mobile games are not just a medium of entertainment but also for learning and training purposes. It is also widely used for product marketing and branding by the best mobile game development companies. Thus, it is now an individual medium to earn revenue by engaging people with a better gaming experience.


This includes designing the settings and characters and tracking the game development process. Developers work on the basis of prototype objects to relate what the game will look like. It includes coding and creating in-game content like sounds, dialogues, and other elements. This phase also includes the quality tests and evaluations of each deliverable of the mobile game app.


This is the final stage of mobile game development that brings support, updates, and maintenance of the released product. Precisely this phase includes UA, product testing, beta deliverables, reviews, and final deliverables.

7. What game engines do you have expertise in?

Our mobile game developers have expertise in Cocos2D, Unity, Unreal, and HTML5 for a mobile game development projects.

8. Which game development methodology do you prefer?

At Creatiosoft, we prefer Agile Methodology for game development.

9. How can we contact Creatiosoft today for mobile game development?

You can contact us today with your idea for any mobile game development services. You simply need to visit our contact us page or email us at or WhatsApp or call us at +91-8860912115.

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