Catch the Bull

An endless but thrilling pursuit to run after the escaped bulls through the forest and catch hold of them.


Feel the thrill and rush with the runaway bulls. Take control of the angry bulls and smash objects on your way. ‘Catch The Bull’ takes you on an adventure in the Wild Kratts jungle while you run and collect various power-ups.

Swipe left or right to take control of Billy, the bull rider. Slide the screen upwards to jump and downwards to slide down to avoid the obstacles. Collect amazing power-ups on your way. Run as far as possible in this awesome pursuit set in Spain.

You will see the bull running and you have to catch the bull by sitting on the bull’s back and have fun collecting coins as you increase your score.

The game is super fun! Play with your friends and watch yourself going ahead of the others. It’s simple to play but presents you with a challenge and keeps you on your toes.

So, gear up to grab the bull by the horns!

catch the bull

Awesome Features

Complete your daily mission and get exciting rewards.


Play with your friends or others online and see who’s winning by tracking scores on the Score leaderboard.


Appealing graphics and realistic sound combined with the chase keep you completely hooked.


Stunning animations along with angry bulls on the run engrosses you in an action-packed pursuit.

Catch the bull


Upgrade your abilities with Pogo Sticks, Copter Wings and Coin Magnets. Power ups enable you to jump higher, fly in the air and more.


Challenge yourself with wooden blocks, falling rocks, wooden barrels, carts and other obstacles.

Sound effects

Tantalizing and realistic sound effects to keep you thoroughly immersed.

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