Run Moolah Run

Run, dodge obstacles, collect coins, have fun, and learn the secret to choosing the best financial investments.


Run Moolah Run is an endless running game brought forth by Bharti AXA Life. So what is the game all about? Your answer- The game is all about running as fast as possible, dodging obstacles, and collecting coins in your path. The game is a wholesome package of fun as well as learning to manage your finances in real life.

Making financial investments is not an easy step. This is why we are bringing to you the game that unravels the secrets for making the best investment choices in our lives through– Bharti AXA Life Invest Once.

As the game progresses, you will also come across many challenges and nice 3D environments which enhances user experience and keeps the player hooked on the game.

As you run and face obstacles you also have controls to slide , jump and carry out more actions as required in the game. This game is also a good way to check your agility.

Awesome Features

Investments can be hard to understand. Join Jessica and Matthew in this fun running game and unravel the secret to investing better.


Appealing graphics, smooth game features, and high quality sound all combined together make the game an addiction for gamers.


The game comes with 30 challenging levels. Ever level comes with new obstacles that make the game interesting in itself.


Choose the character you want to be- Jessica or Matthew, and start the race to the top of the investment chain.


As you run, you will come across a number of coins, power-ups and goodies in your path. Collect as many goodies as you can and win.


Rank worldwide or among friends and family in the global and local leaderboard and track your performance with each gameplay.


Gauge your achievement by going through the achievement board. Know what you need to win next to earn a badge.

Screenshots Gallery

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