Night Surfers

An exciting fantasy game which involves an adventurous run through the mysterious jungle in the dark of the night.


In the darkest hour of night, a little boy loses his way in the forest and wants to get back home. There are obscure enemies and you have to help him find his way, dodging obstacles and escaping evil demons hidden in the dark forest.

Night Surfer is a fast-paced, runner game set in a spectacular black & white backdrop. Our little boy dawns the hat of a superhero, treasure hunter and a fearless rider. He has to run, jump, dunk, dash and swipe as he finds his way through the forest. He has to get around whacky obstacles in the form of insects, monsters, zombies and more.

Play this exciting running game and help the kid reach his destination. If you love games like Field Runner, Kingdom Rush and Tribe Runner, this game is absolutely for you. Kids and adults enjoy this game alike.

Night runner

Awesome Features

Run for your life in this long running endeavour with some interesting features.

Exciting game play

Thrilling game play mechanics with an addictive plot and simple controls make for an engaging experience.

Cool Power-Ups

Power-ups like Fast Run, Magnet, Twister, Double Jump and Coin Doubler give you better capabilities to deal with the challenges involved.

Aesthetic Appeal

2D graphics with incredible sound, stunning visuals and cool characters engage you to the core.


Compete against your friends by tracking their score on the leaderboard.

Screenshots Gallery

Catch a glimpse of ‘Night Surfers’ in these screenshots.

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