Jungle Jumping Kid

An action-packed ninja-jumping game. Run, jump, and collect coins while avoiding obstacles in your adventure.


Get ready for a complete package of fun and excitement with this game of Jungle jumping kid. The goal of the Jungle kid, in this game is to climb up a tree as high as possible, while collecting goodies on the way, and jumping past obstacles to beat previous personal best scores.

As your quest progresses you will come across obstacles like ant, snake, spider, cactus, and deadly plant. So, keep your fingers active and fast to save Jungle boy from danger. That lurks around. To Jump from one tree to another all you have to do is tap on your mobile screens.

You can choose to play as either Boggy, Ooga Wooga, or Oozie. The choice is yours. As you progress ahead you will also win a number of amazing power ups like magnet, score multiplier, candy doubler, and daddy candy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your fingers tapping, start climbing and put your skills to the test.

Jungle jumping kids

Awesome Features

Run all the way up and challenge yourself at every level, win candies
and earn coins. Join Jungle Boy in this fun running game.


Jump across obstacles like ants, snakes, spiders, cactii, and other deadly plants to get to the top.


Simple animation, appealing graphics, new achievements, and high quality and realistic sound keeps players hooked for hours


The excitement to reach newer heights, unlimited daily challenges/missions makes the game challenging at every new level.

jungle jumping kid


Choose who you want to be. Boggy, Ooga Wooga, or Oozie- three amazing characters.


Amazing power ups and IAP, A virtual bank where candies are treated as money. Win goodies to get powerful with every climb.


With every achievement win amazing power-ups like magnet, score multiplier, candy doubler, and daddy candy.

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