Cocos2d Game Development

Cocos2d is a leading game development engine, delivering the best cross platform gaming apps for Android and iOS. This game engine is helping the best professional game developers and creators with some amazingly creative idea. They are leveraging this technology for programming and developing innovative game apps. Cocos2D-X.js is already proving itself being a right choice to the accomplish innovative 2D game development. The reputed Cocos2D games development company is already delivering the best solutions for 2D and HTML5 game development. Some of the main points of interests that are making this an ideal choice are the following.

  • Large Open Community and Easy API for Rapid Development
  • Integrated Physics Support and Light Weight and Faster
  • Open source framework and cross platform game engine
  • Adds the ability to extend the functionality for the reason of its open source nature
  • Counted as very cost-effective in comparison to other platforms due to cross-platform opportunity
  • Come with good framework that is ideal for creation of 2D Apps and games on all platforms
  • Capable to integrate third party libraries and a platform for community support

There are various good features and technical specifications associated with this amazing game developing engine making it an ideal choice for developers. What makes it an ideal choice for game development support is reliability and stability that are two of the main reasons making it a choice for development. Not to mention the royalty free characteristics and cross platform GUI based program for desktop, consoles and web as well. It is without any doubt the first choice for simple and perfect projects with rich user interface.

When it comes to get benefits of this amazing engine, you need to hire Cocos2d developers to fulfill your requirements. You need to get support from a selected and reputed Cocos2D development company that has a proven track record of offering the right services.

Creatiosoft – The best Cocos2d Game Development Company

We at Creatiosoft are one of the most reliable Cocos2d envelopment companies. Our team of professional developers is dedicated to bring you innovative solutions. You can hire Cocos2d developers according to your requirements to get maximum benefits of this amazing game development engine.

Our charges for these services are reasonable and will be in your budget. We have professional team of game developers who delivers the excellence with the games.

If you are looking for Cocos2d game development company then feel free to contact us or mail us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cocos2d good for game development?

Yes, Cocos2D is the right choice for the game development. It is a comprehensive framework, open source and completely free game development platform. This qualifies them over Unity game engine.

2. What programming language does Cocos2d use?

Cocos2D builds 2D and HTML5 game development developed with the C++ programming language, JavaScript, C# and Lua. These games can be played on both Android and iOS mobile technologies as well as across all the main operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

3. What are the several genres you offer with Cocos 2D games development?

We offer fully customized 2D games development services for the following genres.

  • card games
  • casino games
  • casual games
  • hypercasual games

4. Which methodology do you prefer for game development?

At Creatiosoft, We prefer to use Agile methodology for Cocos 2D game development.

5. How can I contact Creatiosoft with my Cocos 2D games development idea?

You can connect with us through the contact form available at You can also send an email directly to or WhatsApp or call us at +91-8860912115

We will revert you by mail or call you for your request.