Every successful game has a story effort. A story is great when planned in a systematic arrangement and to turn this story into a successful reality. Every game development company must pull the chords for proper project management. They systematically plan a road map to shape your game idea into a perfect gaming product which requires a right team and great project management. Every game project must have a proper business plan irrespective of the size of the idea of game. As business point of view is the most critical to plan the future and set the goals for the game. This helps a game development company to understand the scope and purpose of the game that want to create and turn it into reality. We will be discussing how to manage a game development project, development process and various factors.

How does Creatiosoft manage its Game Development Project?

What is the Game Development Life Cycle?


We have discussed in our previous blog as well the most intitial and crucial part is your idea or concept of the game. That’s how a game developer get to know about the type of game, the genre of the game, audience, the protagonist and antagonist of the game, etc. This idea is converted into Game Concept Document. Here onwards, the concept is discussed with the respective team to check their input seems fit into the scope of your idea. Then, they move towards another step.

Technical Requirement Analysis:

In this step, the requirement gathering and proper documentation are prepared for briefs to the respective teams. They discuss Technology stack, Language, Platforms like mobile, smart TV, consoles or smart wears, Framework, Plugins, Scene, Object Pooling, and UI/UX development for prototype to mention in the Technical Specification Document.

Game Art:

The next crucial step which comes in action is UI/UX design and development to bring the prototype in action. Here environment, characters, levels and story of the game is created as written in the Game Design Document.

The Programming or development phase is next which ensures the shaping of the game as suggested in the Technical Design Document. Here an iOS or Android mobile game developers can work on technologies like HTML5, Unity, Cocos2d. Thus a game developer team must comprise of HTML5, Cocos2D, Unity game developers as a front-end developer, and NodejS developer as a back-end developer for multiplayer game development.


Once, the development gets over, testing plans to analyze and track the bugs and errors in the game, They evaluate if the game is following the flow analysis as planned in Test Cases and Test Plans.


Here, basically the game is all set for publishing or going live, but before that we need to prepare its marketing assets like screenshots or trailers. These help in publishing the game on iOS and Android devices.

How does Creatiosoft manage its Game Development Project?

How do you Manage A Game Development Project?

Game development is a long and complicated game development process. Project management establishes itself as the key player in the success of game development as it ensures that all deadlines for milestones should meet so that they can get delivered on time. It also ensures smooth functioning and collaboration with the team and the client.

So, we will discuss step by step process which elaborates how we manage a game project from start to finish.

Project Planning

Planning is the most complicated phase for any game development process. This take some time and a lot of input initially. These inputs define the project plans which saves time, money and major glitches during the game development till the game is ready to publish on desired mobile platforms.

We plan the project by focusing on the various components like:-

Identify your project

Every game has its own requirements. The casual game development process completely varies from the card game development. Thus, we break down the project as per our understanding to get what exactly are the basic requirements to develop this game.

Define goals and objectives

Once we have fragmented your game project, we need the answers for the questions as

  • ‘What’ to define the goals
  • ‘How’ to define the objectives.

That’s how we define the goals and objectives.

Define Tasks

We then need to find out the procedures or tasks required to finish the tasks on time. This step briefly prepares the involvement of the resources in the project.

Build your Team

Now, we are aware of the tasks and that’s how we define the team, their roles, and responsibilities. We assign a guided and senior project manager, who is responsible for the team, project, and client.

Create a timeline

We approach the agile methodology for game development, where we break down tasks into milestones with deadlines. We ensure that with every deadline we accomplish our all goals and objective involved with tasks.


Once we finish our initial plan, we pass to seek suggestions from the team and clients. We adjust the plan as the suggestion or feedback fit in the scope ensuring flexibility.

Now, our plan is ready and everything is on board. Another step comes in action.

Project Monitoring

Great planning won’t work with good execution which is incomplete without monitoring. Thus, we keep control and a regular monitoring system to ensure that the game development project stays on time.

  • Scheduling regular intervals to check on the project on twice a week to review the progress of the project.
  • Ensuring effective communication which is mandatory for team collaboration. We involve every team member of the particular game project for every update, issues and status.

Time Management

Time management is as necessary as monitoring the project. We achieve that by

Delegating the task

We have the reliable and skilled team who are highly experienced in game development using Unity, HTML5, Cocos2D for Android and iOS games. We manage our time by distributing the tasks to two to three members as per the requirement instead of assigning whole responsibility to a single person, which gets burdensome to the team and effects the project as well.

Prioritize your tasks

We take note of the priorities among the tasks and complete them first. Then, pick another, this saves a lot of time.

So, using all above key methods and strategies, we develop successful various games for emerging card and casino game industry in Middle East, UK, US , Russia, South East Asia and several casual games for India, USA, and UK. Our simple and agile development methodology ensuring success at par.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which game development methodology do you prefer?

At Creatiosoft, We prefer game development using agile methodology.

We offer variety of game development services like Casino Game Development ( Slots), Card Game Development ( Poker, Rummy etc) & many more using various advanced game engines.

  • What technologies you prefer for game development ?

We prefer using Unity, Cocos2D, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS & MongoDB for game development.

  • Do you provide assistance in publishing my games?

Yes, we provide assistance in publishing the game over iOS Appstore and Andorid’s Google PlayStore.

  • How to contact the Creatiosoft for game development project?

You can contact us by filling the form available at Contact Us page or you may send an email directly to sales@creatiosoft.com or Whatsapp or call us at +91-8860912115. We will revert you with mail or call you for your request.