The HTML5 game development is stepping up to achieve the new heights of businesses with the latest innovation with 3D game development company and cocos2D game development. The latest is precisely considering the HTML5 game development with 3D using the latest version of the cocos creator module. We are here to discuss several functionalities that are going to improvise with the latest updates in the cocos game engine.

How Cocos Creator is Going to The Best HTML5 Game Development in Future?

The Modern Issues with HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 has brought tremendous changes in the gaming industry. It introduced various games that were earlier hard to access even. It eliminated the need for flash from the gaming webpages and optimize the browser-based game development to showcase better results in terms of gaming experience. Since, it shifted towards Canvas in 2008, the quality of game graphics has moved to current WebGL standards. In the coming future days, the HTML5 game development with webGPU is going to bring improved power for HTML5 games development by including the work being done by W3C.

With the scenarios and platforms where advanced HTMl5 games development takes place, several new ecosystems like new and powerful game engines, html5 games development frameworks, tools, and runtime with modern browsers, instant gaming platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc, hybrid frameworks are going to introduce soon. This way the best game development companies in India and the USA are going to find new platforms such as Facebook, skype, cocos play for their gaming content This has expanded the opportunity for gamers to find content in many new places like Facebook, WeChat, and Cocos Play. The HTML5 gamesdevelopment suffered for performance reasons as others like unity game development were excelling in greater game development. With Javascript, the transitions, animations and graphics gained quality. HTTML5 games development with javascript becomes easier for the HTML5 developers as it is single-threaded and balances both CPU and GPU to keep the frame rates high. They are easily working on the distribution of tasks to GPU although, the future, lies with WebGPU which assures improved GPU usage and higher-quality graphics for the future.

How Cocos Creator is Going to The Best HTML5 Game Development in Future?

How Cocos in Delivering The Best Mobile And HTML5 Game Development?

The very first reason to favor the cocos creator game engine is it is an open-source engine. The expert game developers can easily add the game assets, game logic to the engine while creating the exclusive HTML5 game development solutions. Cocos game engine also offer to create the game packages not only for HTML5 but for mobile devices as well.

The major reason why cocos is delivering excellence with HTML5 and mobile game development is the feature to export both web and native packages. Its cross-platform ability simply fastens the time and speed of development, testing using web-based workflow, and you can instantly take the preview of the game in the browser and amend things if missed out.

The entire HTML5 games development also comprises to include shaders. There are several game development platforms that use multiple shaders but we make sure that shaders must be functional on all platforms.

With the latest improvisation in the cocos games development platform, HTMl5 games will have the following things in better and bright shape.

Adaptive Compressed Texture

This feature will allow the HTML5 based Poker game developers will be allowed to create presets of compressed texture configuration with priorities. During the runtime, we can decide the format which will be most suitable to the gaming ecosystem and actively reduce the memory usage.

Improved use of GPU over CPU

In HTML5 game development, we utilize the CPU for simulations, which causes the drop for the performance of particles and skeletal animation below than fps rates. With improved GPU, skeletal animation, and particle system simulation in GPU shaders, we can balance workload in runtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can HTML5 be used to create real-time multiplayer games?

Yes, We can make real-time and networked games (multiplayer game) using HTML5 game engine like Cocos2DJS, Phaser etc.

2. Can you develop social games using HTML5?

Yes, we can and we have developed various social games like 3 matching, Puzzle games using HTML5 engine.

3. What genres of HTML5 games development services you offer?

We offer variety of HTML5 game development services which comprises of casual games, Casino Game Development (Slots), Card Game Development (Poker, Rummy etc) & many more.

4. Which framework you prefer for HTML5 Games Development?

We have wide range of expertise who work on framework Phaser, PixiJS & Cocos2dJS.

5. What technologies you prefer to do multiplayer game development?

We prefer using Cocos2D, PixiJS, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS & MongoDB for HTML5 game development.

6. How to contact the Creatiosoft for HTML5 games development project?

You can discuss your HTML5 game idea with us. You can talk it over a phone call or whatsapp at +91-8860912115 or send an email directly to [email protected]. Else you may fill the contact us form.

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