Dafabet Ludo is now live! 

Dafabet, one of the leading online gaming websites that offer various games such as online casinos, casual games, etc, has launched the popular board game, LUDO. This game marks the partnership between Filipino gaming label Dafabet and Indian game development studio Creatiosoft Solutions. With the launch of Dafabet Ludo in India, Dafabet and Creatiosoft hope to capitalize on the large Ludo fanbase.

Within a short span of time, the board game, online Ludo game has gained striking fame. This is now featured as the new game on the Dafabet website. This Ludo game is the online adaptation of the most popular board game in India. The factor that makes it popular and intriguing amongst its audience is its accessibility and ease to learn. It is one of the favorite board games among both kids and adults. With the availability and growth of mobile gaming apps, Ludo games have now acquired the attention of the global audience. 

The maximum Ludo gaming business traction is coming from the southeast Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. That’s why Dafabet chose to introduce the new gaming experience with the game of Ludo on their gaming website.

Dafabet Ludo is available for free on https://www.dafabet.com/in/. This game needs real money to play the game. Here, Dafabet is the publisher of Dafabet Ludo and Creatiosoft has developed the game. 

Dafabet Ludo From The Best Ludo Game Development Company

The Dafabet Ludo is a game with a unique approach to playing the favorite Ludo game. The game is conceptualized in a very novel manner where two dice are rolled instead of one. The best thing about this version of the ludo game is its simplified and shorter gameplay. This game is easily available on their website. Ludo game lovers don’t need to download this game on their devices. They can play it on their web browsers anytime. 

All players just need to do is to

  • Log in to the Dafabet website link. 
  • Click on Play Now over the Ludo game icon. 
  • Choose the room where they want to play. There are ludo games rooms that offer different prizes.
  • All set to play this dice board game of Ludo.

Dafabet Ludo is a strategic matchmaking board game that is played between 2 players as a PvP game. Each person gets 1 token and the goal is to bring tokens to the home. The player whose token reaches home first is the winner. Two dice make the game interesting and faster for the players.

Features of the Dafabet Ludo Game Development

  • There is no need to download or install the game.
  • Players can play their favorite game of Ludo anytime.
  • This game is based on the multiplayer worldwide mode
  • There are several ludo games rooms for players with different prize values
  • This Dafabet game is two dice game which makes the gameplay faster

Dafabet Ludo Game Developed By Creatiosoft


Creatiosoft Solutions – The Best Game Development Company

Creatiosoft is a well-known top mobile game development company in the USA and India.  We manage to deliver various gaming solutions such as board game development, Poker game development, casual game development, card game development, hyper-casual game development, etc. across the globe. We deliver distinctive gaming solutions from modern tools and technologies. Our expert team of casual game developers, designers, and programmers strives to offer the best Ludo game development software.

We focus on innovations even in regular ideas too. That’s how Creatiosoft has managed to tweak the regular Ludo gaming idea to this interesting Dafabet Ludo. With advanced game development technology, our experts are able to include a match feature with quick turnover.

Here are some of the additional advantages of choosing Creatiosoft Solutions.

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