Those were the days when I was eager to reach home, so I could play games on my desktop. Games today are no longer confined to desktops and laptops. They have invaded everyones smartphones and tablets as well. Last year, the mobile entertainment industry was worth US$33 billion dollars. I still find it incredible that there are so many people who are making lots of money from mobile gaming. Even more staggering is that the gaming industry is growing by upswings and leaps and shows no clues of slowing down anytime soon. The flaw of exploring an underserved market is that it tends not to stay underserved for long. The indie boom of recent years has shown that there’s a fruitful market out there for smaller and more experimental games, but it has also captivated plenty of competition. Thus it create a flood of big banners and gigantic competition , surplus of similar games/apps changed the scenerio and its really hard to survive for small publishers to show their existace in the gaming world but still there are some unknown publishers generating big load of profit with unique game concept, the perfect example is Flappy Bird, a simple game with extraordinary concept, assembled great downloads within a month. In this way, with this blog I would like to introduce some more small games with big profit.

Alpaca Evolution :-

The first game I would like to introduce, is Alpaca Evolution. Is there anyone know about Cocosola??? No one…. I knw. But can you imagine Cocosola generate 5 million downloads, even without having any company website or game website. Shocked…. but it happened. The concept is simple but addictive. Alpaca goes on the process of evolution, in his very peculiar way, by knocking out other alpaca brothers, and “absorbing” them. They gets much more powerful and bigger… Cocosola adopted simple strategy of the controversial alpaca village and deveop a game with average quality and very small investment. Attain 5 million downloads. Such a great achievement to the Cocosola publisher. Well done keep it up…!!!

Soda Shake:-

Next one, I would like to introduce you is Soda Shake… don’t assume anything wrong its not an alcoholic campaign for the promotion. Its a simple app with funny and enjoyable feature of shaking the soda cane bottle to measure how fast you can shake??? Develop and publish by “AndPhoneStudio” again an unknown name. But due to the unique functionality this game gained decent loads and still earning. Once this app was among one of the trending app on the playstore too.

2048 Mania:-

Smoote Mobile have developed this innovative game with an exclusive concept to get the figure of 2048 with the help of the numbers displaying on the play screen. It’s very ease to play: swipe (up, down, left, right) to move all panel. Thus the inventive game play attracts the audience through out the world and collected decent downloads till today. This game has mentioned among the top names in the catagory of new releases games on Google Play Store.

Therefore these are the some of the examples of the small publishers with big concept and original game play to recommend the great game idea in-front of the world for developing a game for various platform. Besides that there is some other games existing and retaining decent downloads like iBeer,Run Panda Run, Bottle Shoot, Bubble Break, innovative sports mania Basketball Mania and lots more.