Online Rummy

is the most popular card game played across the world. Rummy is usually played with 2 to 6 players and a single deck of 52 cards is used, for more players’ 2 decks are used. The objective of the Rummy game is arranged all cards in proper sequences and/sets. Online rummy games are getting immense popularity and people finding it a great way of enjoying. People played online rummy with hundreds of real player in the most enhanced multi player environment. Social Rummy card games look more attractive as it comes with stunning graphics, amazing sound effects and wonderful features in the comfort of your home. Today, people of every age, from young children to above the age of 60, enjoy playing rummy. But there are many people who still have not played it, Online Rummy is a good option for those people. Now you can play free rummy just log on to best online rummy gaming website or download best rummy game in your mobile. In social rummy games people can easily view the rules before start the game.

– A glossary of terms –

Deck – A standard deck is a set of 52 cards with 2 jokers. A deck consists of 4 different suits: spade, heart, club and diamond.

Set – A set is a combination of 3 or more same cards of different suits. Like 3 kings of spade, heart and clubs.

Sequence – A sequence is a combination of 3 or more cards arranged in a sequential order.

Rank – In Rummy game each card has a rank value. Ace has highest value 14 as well as 1. The ranks of King, queen and jack are 13, 12 and 11. Cards from 10 to 2 have a respective rank of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

Jokers (Wild Card) – In a deck, the Joker is considered as a wild card. The joker can replace any card to form sequence and sets.

Deal – To start playing a round, the cards have to be given to all the player’s. The act of distributing the cards equally among all players in the game is called deal.

Melding – Making a valid meld is called Melding. A meld is a combination of 3 or more cards either to form a sequence or a set.

— Rummy Games —

13 card Rummy: 13 cards rummy game is very popular in India. This rummy game is played with 13 cards and played with a single joker. This game has only one joker. Before the distribution of cards, a card is randomly chosen by dealer and this card is called the joker for that particular game.

Indian Rummy: Indian Rummy played like a classic Rummy game and commonly known as ‘Paplu‘ in India. The game is played with 2 decks of cards between 2 to 6 players. There are 2 formats of this game- 13 card and 21 cards. The main objective is arranging all cards in proper sequence and sets with at least one pure sequence.

Gin Rummy:   Gin Rummy is a very famous rummy game, especially played in European countries. This game is played by 2 players and each of the players receives 10 cards. In Gin rummy game rules are different from other standard rummy game. Here the cards are ranked from low to high (Ace to King). Ace is the smallest card and has the lowest point 1 point. Jack, Queen and King carry the highest points 10 points each. The rest of the number cards are worth their number value.

Rummy 500: Rummy 500 is one another popular variant of Rummy, which is also known as Persian Rummy, 500 Rum, or pinochle Rummy. Rummy 500 can be played between 2 to 8 players. Points are counted by melded combinations and deducted by the players’ deadwood. Who reaches 500 points wins the game.

Kalooki Rummy: Kalooki is a version of contract Rummy, which is very popular in Jamaica, and it’s also called as Jamaican Rummy.