Mobile devices became the fastest adopted consumer products of all time. Since the launch, these mobile phones are advancing with technology and are in more demand compared to automobiles and personal computers. This mobile game market has increased its revenue value from 0.46 billion euros in 2003 to 1.65 billion euros in 2006 and now, it is the industry of 100+ billion euros. The fast-developing mobile game industry has played an eminent role in mobile game development and technology. Now, mobile phones are turning into software platforms such as poker software which can be run on online poker websites or poker mobile applications as they are capable to support gaming, operators, and several mobile game developers who foresee the futuristic opportunities of mobile games. The value of the global mobile game market of gaming has now exceeded the annual global revenues of the cinema industry.

Mobile games have upper hands as several advantages over PC and console games as they are

  • portable,
  • attractive,
  • and practical alternative to PC-based games.

Now lets further discuss types of mobile games before several business models of mobile games.

Mobile Game Software Development Business


Types of Mobile Games

The first mobile game was launched in the late ’80s. In the late ’90s, Nokia launched the first mobile game in embedded format. This game was Snake available in several cellular handsets. In the current scenario, mobile games are downloadable, embedded, or based on memory cards.

Mobile games can be classified by their operating and distribution platform. These games can be either downloaded from Android Playstore and iOS appstore, or they are available as pre-installed on the mobile device by a vendor or distribution partner.

• Standalone games

They do not require an internet connection to play the game. They are available offline once after downloading the game. These games are limited by the storage and operating capacity of mobile devices. The Snake game of Nokia is one such illustrative example of standalone games. The game used to available as preinstalled in handsets without any additional charge. Today, players can download it from the Appstore or Google Playstore

• Server-based games

These games usually require an internet connection to play the game. As this server contains information of the user with the current status of the game at that moment. There are several examples of the game such as Candy Crush or Jungle Jumping Kid are the server-based games which are delivered through several mobile operators, mobile game development company or mobile game developers, and other service providers.

• Streamed games

These games are based on advanced video decoding systems for delivering audio and visual data from servers to terminals. Streamed games require certain minimum bandwidth for data transfer, but they will provide more advanced graphics and audio for the games on terminals that do not have the processing power for rendering demanding visual data.

Generally, the existing games for mobile are either server-based or standalone games.

Mobile Game Software Development Business

What are the generic approaches to generate revenue from the mobile game software business?

• Licensing

In this approach license sales and royalties is the main source of revenue. Licensing is the most common revenue model of the mobile game development industry. It involves selling the right to use the software to the customer. In licensing, there are several options which include per-user, per-machine, per-concurrent user, or site licensing. Revenue structure may come along with several media such as some amount of upfront payment for the integration of the wireless solution itself, and recurring license payments over the life cycle of the contract. The mobile game software is the license with one distributor or owner and after a certain period, it is meant to be renewed to maintain the license. There are several mobile game publishers and distributors who are looking for a licensed android game for distribution.

• Revenue Sharing

In this model, the mobile game software providers or game development companies share the profits with their distribution partners or users. Profit or revenue sharing is essentially a form of licensing, in the sense that it also involves selling the right to use the software to the game operators/ customers. However, in this model, the software provider’s revenue is shared given to its customer’s performance while using mobile game software.

• Loss-leader pricing,

In-App Purchases are the best example for this model, where the expert game developers offer to provide the game at a free level but to buy a few boosters or chips or diamonds to go ahead in the game will require additional purchases. Precisely, this model means offering something for less than its value. These mobile game software development can be seen in-house by the handset manufacturer or outsourced to a third-party software company or mobile game distributor or publishers.

All these approaches are bringing major changes or evolution to groom the mobile game development business on such a grand scale, such as modern crowdfunding, subscription streaming and open platform with the help of third-party distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Creatiosoft provide the mobile games to third part distributors?

Yes, we do provide our mobile games to third party distributors.

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Yes, we provide assistance in publishing the game over iOS Appstore and Android’s Google PlayStore.

3. Does Creatiosoft provide a demo for its mobile games?

Yes, We do provide demo for the mobile games for distribution.

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We have been developing mobile games for almost a decade while understanding and studying the market trends, requirement and growth equation closely. Our mobile games have garnered quick eyes of users. Our games always have the potential to attract the mobile gamer’s attention. All of these factors makes us legitimate to be chosen for mobile games for distribution along with mobile game development.

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