The popularity of the NFT game has created a different fan base. There was a time when games were a tool for entertainment. With a faster internet connection and a crypto wallet, any player can earn money too with the NFT games. That’s how NFT gaming and NFT game development started as a trend. 

NFT gaming also has other familiar names such as Defy gaming, crypto gaming, and blockchain gaming. But what is NFT?

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Where token is an authenticated currency. This authentication may take place on any of the following assets.

  • any album, 
  • a crypto artwork,
  • piece of music, etc.

Interestingly, there won’t be any copies of the above as they are unique and non-fungible. Each of the assets has unique information. 

How do NFT Games Work?

NFT games focus on the engagement of a player in the game. As a result, you can leverage the opportunities for NFT games. Players can exchange the in-game assets and avatars as NFTs. These players can put it for trading as well with other players too. Several mobile game developers apply the blockchain concept to integrate NFTs into a game. This blockchain technology actually helps in creating smart contracts. With the distinct game rules, the best mobile game development company ensures to bring the engaging factor.

NFT Game Development

How to Get Started NFT Game Development? 

NFT game development fascinates both players and gaming ventures. The play-to-earn model of NFT games makes the gamers more invested in the NFT games. However, the NFT game development process is different from other mobile game development. The best NFT platform development practices the following steps.

1. Pre-production

Every 3D and 2D game development project starts with planning only. This involves the consideration of all kinds of requirements, collection of data, and many more. Any best NFT game development company won’t be ignoring this phase. As this phase is the ground for the 2D game development process. The following steps help in planning your NFT platform development.

Brainstorming session

In this step, all well-qualified professionals come together to discuss the project idea. All of these game development experts have years of experience and competence in mobile game development. This session involves the following experts

  • Managers, 
  • senior game developers, 
  • QA engineers and mobile game testers, and 
  • 2D/3D artists 

In this phase, all of the above members discuss the concept to find out the genre of the NFT games. These members collect the information for the following questions.

  • What is the genre?
  • Type of concept art
  • Number of platforms
  • Suitable tech stack
  • Number of players

Design GDD: 

Based on the above information, the project manager and business analyst prepare a game design document (GDD). This document records all the game rules with the essential set of technical specifications and development techniques. This document also helps in visualizing the actual output of the game to the individuals. These individuals include the following personals

  • Stakeholders
  • NFT Game developers
  • Game designers
  • Mobile Game Testers

2. NFT Game Design and Development Phase

Now, you have documented all requirements. It’s time for the NFT platform development team to start designing and developing the NFT game. It takes the following steps to create the best NFT gaming platform.

NFT Game Design and Development Phase

Modelling of the assets: 

Here, all the game designers and artists create several 2D/3D assets of the game. For 2d NFT game development, the game artists need to sketch them and animate them to move. However, for 3D game development, artists must prefer polygonal modelling techniques.

Wallet Setup:  

As the project revolves around the NFT game development. It requires a crypto wallet for trading or NFT exchanges. Also, NFT gamers can use this wallet for registration. Therefore, the involvement of the NFT games throughout the game development life cycle is a must.

Smart Contract Program: 

As NFT game development is a blockchain-based process. It simplifies the safety of the NFT movement, game cyber-security, and transaction modification. Also, the NFT poker game development company must ensure that the smart contract cannot be modified. Thus, the poker game development company must plan the contract beforehand. 

Time for Coding: 

The game development involves the collective modelling of the game’s data, content, and architecture into a single system. The NFT game developers ensure to deliver a decentralized game structure. This also helps in collecting information about the data and functions not only from the gaming code but also from the blockchain.

3. NFT Game Testing

NFT games are not just unique for gamers but also for NFT game developers. As the 3d/2D game developers cant find the possible areas of risk and vulnerabilities. As a result, every NFT game development project needs a specialist who can fix issues before releasing the game.

It includes the following game testing processes. 

Unit Testing: 

The NFT game development is a lengthy process. This makes the NFT developers break the game development project into small units. Therefore, when mobile game developers develop one unit, the game testers initiate the unit testing. This helps in finding and repairing the bugs or issues immediately. Meanwhile, the developers can continue working on other game unit development. Till the time the mobile game testers finish testing on one unit, they will receive another one and will reach out to find the functional game version with lesser bugs.

The NFT game testing includes the following phases.

  • Manual testing of NFT Games
  • Functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Localization testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing, etc.

Alpha Testing:  

Once the game developers finish the game, the mobile game testers practice the alpha testing. Alpha testing is the closure of the testing phase. 

4. Simply Deploy & Promote

The NFT game development is not just a process that ends here. The right promotional and marketing strategy ensures the right audience. Thus, one must always plan to promote the NFT games. The right set of audiences will be inspired to promote your NFT game in a unique way by themselves.

NFT game development brings several advantages in disguise. One of the major advantages is its play-to-earn model. Also, the interesting part is that players can utilize their NFT wallet later, even if the game fails. That’s what interests the NFT gamers most. Therefore, the NFT game development and gaming industry are not going to lose its charm. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NFT gaming?

NFT gaming is growing as the play-to-earn gaming model. This type of gaming model brings the players to earn rewards by playing the game. The players can trade these in-game rewards to the real cryptocurrency or in the real world.

2. What are the standards used in NFT Gaming Development?

With NFT game development, we are using extensive standards. These standards are ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards.

3. What do your NFT gaming development services comprise?

Our NFT game development services include the following services

  • real-world assets, 
  • asset tokenization, 
  • tokenized identification cards, etc. 

These assets can be trading cards, game characters, weapons, gaming accessories, and much more.

4. Can a game be an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs just the certificates or authentication of digital items that are available in limited numbers. In games, the following items can be traded as NFT 

  • collectables, 
  • avatars, 
  • characters, 
  • weapons, etc.

5. How can I contact Creatiosoft with my NFT Game Development idea?

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