The gaming industry has acquired a wide range of audiences. This growing demand is encouraging game development companies to bring more quality games. As a result, every gaming company is looking for expert game testers. As the game tester outsourcing are ensuring the quality of the game so that it can appeal to the largest audience. With Game Testing Companies, there is no defined game strategy to test all games. Each game has its features and functionalities and platform to run. 

The game testing seems a lot like the software testing. However, it manages to differ in several terms. The game testing process includes the following processes.

  • Game functionality, 
  • Game usability,
  • Multi-player functionality, 
  • Regression, 
  • Endurance and Compatibility, 
  • Performance, 
  • Content, 
  • Hardware, 
  • Recovery 
  • Localization testing

There are several steps before performing the game testing services. We are sharing the details of the pretesting and pre-development phase in this article. 

What are the 5 things Game Testers need to prepare for game testing?

Every quality assurance services engineer needs to work on the following 5 steps. This informs and briefly informs other game tester outsourcing about the game and prepares the testing plan also. The following steps are part of planning the testing to deliver the best gaming solutions. The basic steps of game testing include:


Gathering requirements

For every game testing, game testers need to know what the game is about. They must have detailed information for games to create an effective testing strategy. He must aware of the following requirements to know about the game. 

  • storyboard of the game,
  • game structure, 
  • game features, 
  • game characters, 
  • concept of the game, 
  • rules of the game, 
  • game points 
  • and levels. 

Also, game testers know about the technical requirements as well. This requirement adds the following terms to the list.

  • Platform(s) of the game
  • tech stack of the game
  • Number of players in the game

Devising a game testing strategy

This game testing includes the details to plan for the testing team. It also helps in defining the number of testers and time needed for game testing services. It includes the following information.

  • Testing timeline, 
  • Number of testers, 
  • The number of testing cycles, 
  • Defining in-scope and out-scope i.e. what needs to be tested and not tested, 
  • Types of testing to be performed, 
  • Types of risks and their mitigation around testing as well as in development.
  • Service level agreements, 
  • Defect finding process, 
  • Reporting Process 
  • Testing tools etc. 

It also adds the testing according to the hardware components such as Joystick, Console, Wi-Fi devices etc. 

Creation of test cases

To execute the testing process, the game testers must plan the test cases. The game testers design both positive and negative test cases. It involves the following processes to define and adopt to design the test cases.

  • Critical path testing, 
  • Exception path testing, 
  • Boundary value analysis, 
  • Equivalence partitioning, 
  • Error guessing etc. 

Executing game test cases

This stage brings out all the testing methods to run on the gaming solution. It runs with the game development process. This stage helps in finding the defects and issues with the game in a particular gaming environment and hardware configuration. Here, game testers perform alpha and beta testing with usability testing to improve the game’s quality. 

The content Game Testing Companies in this stage ensures whether the game is suitable for a certain age or not. Also, it helps in deciding whether the game content is suitable and understandable to its audience. 

Recording of test results

Not only game testing is enough. The game testers also keep a record of each issue they found in the gaming solution. As this process helps the testers to understand the reason or behavior of issues. It eventually helps the game developers to resolve these issues easily.

The Game Testing Companies are already complementing with advancing technology. Their game testers are constantly evolving with modern game development technologies. After regressive discussion of our game testers at Creatiosoft, we can understand finally the on going process. These processes ensure to deliver the high quality gaming solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Outsource the Game Testing services?

Yes, you can outsource the game testing. The outsourcing of game testing brings advanced test management, bug tracking, and test automation tools and technologies. It makes the entire game testing life cycle faster and more efficient.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Game Testers From Creatiosoft?

At Creatiosoft, Hiring the Game testers offers the following benefits-

  • Reduced time to market
  • Consistency across platforms
  • Budget control
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Risk mitigation
  • Quality management

3. How Can I Control The Progress of Testing?

You can track down the game testing process with a bug tracking tool. Our game testers share the bug reports after each testing session. Jira, TRELLO, Redmine, and Gitlab are the most trusted bug tracking systems in Creatiosoft.

4. How Can I Communicate With Your Team?

For every outsourced expert, you need a reliable means of communication. At Creatiosoft, you can communicate with one game expert of an outsourced team at a time. This also helps in establishing mutual trust. You can prefer the platform of your choice to set the communication, for example, Zoho, Slack, Zoom, Skype, etc.

5. How to Contact Creatiosoft for QA Outsourcing Services?

You can outsource QA experts to us by sending an email directly to You can call us or  WhatsApp at +91-8860912115. Also, you can fill in your details on the Contact Us page.