Quality assurance (QA) is not an ordinary process or phase in the game development lifecycle. It is a continuous process to ensure that products and processes are meeting the quality standards. The expert quality assurance consultants are engaging with several gaming companies. They are implementing and optimizing the game testing services and QA processes.

The QA outsourcing services also help in the following manner

  • It identifies the area of improvement
  • Strengthen the QA process
  • Observation of the effectiveness of the efforts over time

QA consulting company caters for the responsibilities such as QA auditing, outsourcing QA experts, etc. They also look for the issues and defects in the product to improve the game quality. The QA experts generally practice these tasks to improve quality control in the future.

What Are The Skills Of Quality Assurance Consultants and Game Testers?

Skills Of Quality Assurance Consultants and Game Testers

QA consultants and game testers must have the following skills.

Communication skills:

A game tester needs to talk to several people throughout the day. These several people come from many backgrounds. They may communicate with several clients, employees of different departments as well as different third parties suppliers. Thus, these QA experts need effective communication skills to express and convey their thoughts and ideas.

Attention to detail:

Game development companies undergo several complex measures to create the best games. Thus, the game testers and their QA consultants need to review a large amount of information to ensure the delivery of quality game services. A keen observation helps you in identifying the potential risks or problems. Thus, our game testers work on paying attention to detail. Our game testers rely on their skills to review SLAs, check for errors and establish the standards for compliance with regulations.

Problem-solving skills:

A game tester must have the skills to identify and address issues for production processes. Their problem-solving skills are also helpful in improving product quality and customer satisfaction. Generally, the game testers rely on their problem-solving skills to develop solutions to improve processes and increase productivity. Our game testing services rely on improving customer satisfaction.

Analytical skills:

Expert game testers must have analytical skills, as this skill provides the ability to observe, gather and conclude. In other words, this analytical skill collects all the necessary information and establishes a conclusion. The QA consultants use their analytical skills to study and assess the game testing process. Also, we leverage these skills to detect potential risks and vulnerabilities. This step helps us in taking the necessary measures to avoid such a situation.

Project management:

Project management skills are a crucial skill that ensures that game testers are practicing all crucial processes to finish the tasks on time. The game tester team can also use these skills to do the following tasks.

  • create schedules,
  • delegate tasks
  • and verifies whether testers can meet their goals.

Trends in Quality Assurance and Game Testing Services

Trends in Quality Assurance and Game Testing Services

The trends are changing the world ecosystem. The game testing zone is also affected by such trends. At present, three trends are influencing the Quality Assurance team and game testers’ work. Thus, our game testers and QA team always stay up-to-date with such trends circling the games. Also, by staying up-to-date, expert game testing companies can maintain the relevancy of their skills and leverage the competitive advantage in the workplace.

The Need for More Automation

The modern gaming infrastructure is growing with technology. Thus, the need for automation tools is also growing. However, the complex pattern of game development prefers manual testing. Still, every game tester must be aware of the test automation services and tools.

Using automation testing, the game development companies will be able to save time and money. As the QA consultants and game testers will be able to reduce manual efforts to test the games on many platforms. Also, it ensures the improved reliability of the gaming solution.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Today, the world is thriving on data. Several global companies are thriving on data-driven decision-making. As this decision-making skill is allowing companies to make decisions based on figures, numbers and statistics.

The game testing companies are leveraging this decision-making method to identify the risks. Also, they can fix the issues even before they become more complex to resolve. Our game testers are proving themselves in the best gaming companies utilizing their data-driven decision-making knowledge.

More Focus on Compliance

Every business has its own needs and requirements. Thus, they have their own set of compliance as they are scaling themselves on the global platforms. As a result, the game testing team need to understand all the regulations to bring quality game software. This gaming software development process must abide by the laws and regulations across the globe.

What Are The Roles Of Game Testers?

The Game testers practice the following responsibilities.

  • Test gaming applications and software for errors in game design and functionality
  • Review the necessary documents of policies and procedures of games to meet the quality standards of the company.
  • Suggest feedback to management about opportunities to improve the processes or procedures
  • Conduct and take part in the training sessions for QA of gaming software with auditing, test design, and statistical analysis
  • Recommend the ongoing updates to the team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process.
  • Identify and correct the errors or bugs in-game development code before releasing the game to its audience
  • Review the quality of the deliverables from teams to ensure they meet industry compliances.

The game testing services are expanding its wing to guide the internal processes of game development. Right game testing also directs the right development of mobile games. It sets the newer and seamless development by releasing quality and engaging games for its audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Outsource the Game Testing services?

Yes, you can outsource the game testing. You can hire an entire team and experts of game testers. By outsourcing the game testers, you can leverage the following advantages

  • Advanced test management,
  • Easy bug tracking,
  • Leverage the test automation tools and technologies.

It makes the entire game testing life cycle faster and more efficient.

2. What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Game Testers From Creatiosoft?

At Creatiosoft, Hiring Game testers offers the following benefits-

  • Reduced time to market
  • Consistency across platforms
  • Budget control
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Risk mitigation
  • Quality management

3. How Can I Communicate With Your Team?

For every outsourced expert, you need a reliable means of communication. At Creatiosoft, you can communicate with one game expert of an outsourced team at a time. This also helps in establishing mutual trust. You can prefer the platform of your choice to set the communication, for example, Zoho, Slack, Zoom, Skype, etc.

4. How to Contact Creatiosoft for Game Testing Services?

You can outsource QA experts and game testers to us by sending an email to sales@creatiosoft.com. You can call us or  WhatsApp at +91-8860912115. Also, you can fill in your details on the Contact Us page.