One the hardest part about making a game is coming up with a name. Its amazing that so many person just about to give the game name and failed. Its probably the one thing the player is going to see before another aspect of the game. So must reflect the experience or at least excite the player beyond the average title. All the hard work put together into character, interactive objects, enemies and whatever else depend on the player choosing to play the game. On any given name website there are hundred of games to choose from, so how will yours stand out? A good title is a way to start! So how would you go about choosing a name?? there are the following factors which can help you to give a great game name :-

Short, but not too short:- People do not have time to read your sentences. 1-3 words should be all and anymore or less should be find a way to cut it down thus your game name should be in 30 character including the space. A tiny game name is going to have trouble getting any exposure for example if your game is “RA” that doesn’t shows any possibility to be noticed by any user thus it will be dwarfed easily by other titles.Some Good Examples are :- Run Panda Run, 3D Jungle Runner, Night Runner etc.

Try to make easy to search (Itemized):- Name a game like Fun Game, it would be difficult to search and probably going to bury your game so far in the search results that anyone trying to search for it would fail. Use a single word or combination of the interesting words Like Squash Champ, this game name contain two different part and hold the first 11 Google results. On the other hand game names like Night Runner could have probably held a better title. So your title should also include some keywords that is used to search widely in mobile games.

Avoid Filler words:- Putting “fun” or “game” in your title is probably is one of the most cliche things you can do unless your game explicitly targets one of these words such as “The world’s Hardest game”. These words are just fillers its something that any game go from “The exciting title” to “The fun exciting title” or “The exciting title game” It looks unprofessional and sounds cheesy. Also you should never used my title : The game” unless your game sounds like a movie, Book or other media. You should try at your level best to differentiate your game from another media. Examples :- The Dark Night Avenger, Run Panda Run etc.

Watch for the same name:- Game should always get a quick search on the web to ensure that the game title already not taken. Making a game then realizing that the title is taken just makes your job harder. Also your game name shares a large portion of the name with another game Such as Run Panda Run and Panda Run then consider moving on to another title. Be attentive with the game name, your game name may also share the title with a popular book, film or music album etc.