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Creatiosoft, a leading Texas Hold'em Poker game development company, specializes in AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies for the platform. Integrating Data, AI, and Blockchain is crucial for the long-term sustainability of online poker games often perceived as low-tech.

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Product Insight !

Creatiosoft Texas Holdem poker software uses the latest technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Blockchain to deliver the best poker platform imaginable.

Product Insight

To offer a complete solution, we use innovative methods in data like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Crypto, and Blockchain technology, for effective action based on insights.

Cross-Platform with a single codebase.

With our Texas Holdem Poker game development services, you'll have access to open-source code, making it easy to build for Android, iOS, Windows, and Browsers by using a single code base.
Android App
Our games are created exclusively for Android, offering exciting experiences and easy access for Android player’s.
iOS App
Our Texas Holdem poker software is designed for iPhones and iPads, ensuring that everyone can easily join the platform in seconds.
Browser Client
Our poker games work on all popular web browsers like Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

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Millions of gamers rely on our tested and reliable poker gaming engine.

TEXAS HODL : The Future of online Poker

Texas Hold, Omaha Cash and Tournaments. Earn Texas Hold Points when you level up and complete missions for various in-game items.
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C4 Poker Club : Poker On

C4 Poker Club, Omaha Cash and Tournaments. Earn C4 Poker Club Points when you level up and complete missions for various in-game items.
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UPnUp.CLUB, Omaha Cash and Tournaments.Earn UPnUP.CLUB Points when you level up and complete missions for various in-game items.
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Our Texas Hold'em Poker Software Offers Incredible Pre-Built Features

Our Texas Holdem poker software comes packed with amazing pre-built features, ensuring a smooth and thrilling gaming experience.


RNG By Itech Lab

We would like to proudly announce that our RNG has been certified by iTech Labs, one of the world's leading companies providing RNG certification.


Multiple Variation

Creatiosoft offers multiple variations of Poker, such as Holdem, Omaha, Stud poker, Badugi, Razz, Pineapple and many more.


Payment System

Our poker platform integrates with popular payment systems, streamlining transactions for your players. Choose your method and start accepting payments today.


Powerful Back-Office

Our Texas Hold'em software includes essential admin modules for tracking wins, creating tables, organizing tournaments, establishing clubs, and more.


Regulatory Compliance

Our platform meets the strict standards set by international gaming regulators like the Malta Gaming Board, Bahamas Regulatory Authority, and other respected certification bodies.


Multi Language Support

Our Texas Hold'em Poker software supports multiple languages from various geographical regions. Additional languages can be easily added through the back-office dashboard.

Highest Standard. Happiest Customers.

Don't just take our word for it. Listen directly to the success stories of our partners!
David Hong
Adam Alexandre
C4 Poker
David Hong
Adam Alexandre
C4 Poker

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Whether you're a pro or new to the game, we've got you covered with cutting-edge apps tailored to your needs. Our focus is on delivering top-quality, innovative experiences for all players. Try our free trial to experience the excitement firsthand! Got questions? We're here to help bring your poker game vision to life!
  • White Label Advantage: Your Brand, Your Way.
  • Navigate the Regulatory Landscape with Confidence.
  • Own Your Success: Complete control of source code and IP rights.
  • We optimize your operations to maximize productivity.
  • Kickoff Meeting: Understanding Stakeholder Requirements

  • Content & Materials Gathering: Defining Poker project Scope

  • Wireframe Creation: Designing Poker project Structure and Flow

  • Agile Development: Cross-Platform Poker Software Development

  • Creating a Beta Version: Gathering Initial Feedback from Stackhoder's

  • Time To Launch : Streamlining Submission and Distribution

  • Support and Maintenance: Ensuring App Reliability and Cost Efficienc


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  • Certified RNG
  • Multiple Variation
  • Powerful Back Office
  • 24x7 Support
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Curious about the technology driving the exceptional performance of Creatiosoft Poker?
Angular JS (Admin Panel)
Unity 3D
SSH Access
Mongo DB

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Building Poker Empires: Real Partners Stories, Real Success

At Creatiosoft, we're more than just a company – we're your partners in building lasting relationships. Let's take a quick look at what our happy partners have to say about their experiences with our Texas Holdem poker software.
Alex von Kanel
Reliable and Innovative:
Creatiosoft has been our trusted partner in the gaming industry for years. Their Texas Holdem poker software is not only reliable but also innovative, keeping our players engaged and satisfied. Thank you, for your outstanding support!
Tony O
A True Collaboration:
Working with Creatiosoft has been a pleasure from day one. They understand the importance of collaboration and have consistently delivered exceptional Texas Holdem poker software. We're grateful for their commitment to excellence and look forward to continuing our partnership.
David Weinberg
Exceeding Expectations:
Creatiosoft has exceeded our expectations in every way. Their dedication to quality and their personalized approach to customer service set them apart. We're thrilled with the success of our Texas Holdem poker software and look forward to many more years of partnership

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Frequently asked questions.

Have questions about launching your own online poker room? We've got answers!
  • General
  • Pricing
  • Integration
  • Code Setup
  • Security
  • Support
  • What sets Creatiosoft apart from other Texas Holdem Poker Game App Development companies?
    Creatiosoft sets itself apart through its unparalleled expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to excellence. We prioritize communication, collaboration, and innovation to ensure the success of every project.
  • Which payment options does the poker software support?
    Creatiosoft's poker software provides a range of payment choices, encompassing credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, as well as crypto wallet like USDT, ETH, and Bitcoin. Additionally, customers have the option to use their personal cryptocurrency tokens and crypto wallets such as MetaMask, CoinBase, and Trust Wallet.
  • Do you offer a free trial for your Texas Holdem Poker Game App Development services?
    Yes, we do! Creatiosoft is pleased to offer a free trial of our Texas Holdem Poker App Development services. This allows you to experience the quality and functionality of our apps before making a commitment.
  • How much is the average cost of poker software?
    The standard poker software package, comprising Texas and Omaha games, is priced at approximately USD 5000. Should additional features such as agents, tournaments, and cross-platform capability be desired, the cost may increase to around USD 40,000.
  • Can I pay for the source code for the poker program in installments rather than all at once?
    Certainly! As per our mutual agreement, you have the option to settle the poker source code cost in two to three installments. Distribution of the code will commence only upon receipt of the final milestone payment.
  • After I buy the poker source code, can I hire engineers to alter it? If yes, how much does it usually cost?
    Certainly! You have the flexibility to address specialized unique requirements either by collaborating with your own team or by engaging Creatiosoft Poker developers. Hiring a developer from Creatiosoft Poker entails a rate of $25 per hour, and depending on the scope of work, there may be room for negotiation to achieve a reduced overall cost.
  • Is it possible to include the poker game in my current gaming portal?
    Creatiosoft Poker streamlines online gaming by offering easy integration through RESTful APIs. You can effortlessly link your payment processor and user database using our poker API. When it comes to connecting the game with your website, we utilize diverse methods, such as hosting it on a subdomain or employing an iframe.
  • How much time and money does integration need?
    Typically, the setup and integration of the poker game take approximately 5-7 business days, depending on the support provided by your internal teams. Access to the server and database is essential for integrating the game with your existing user base.
  • Does integrating a poker game with our platform come with a price?
    Certainly! Integration services are typically encompassed within the package price. However, prior to determining the cost, an analysis of the target website's code structure and relevant API connections may be required.
  • Which programming language does Creatiosoft Texas Holdem Poker App use?
    Creatiosoft provides three unique solutions developed using different frontend technologies: React Js, Unity 3D, and Cocos Creator. The backend features a specially designed multiplayer setup that is compatible across multiple platforms, utilizing Node Js ( Socket ), MongoDB & Redis technology.
  • Can I configure my server to run a Creatiosoft Poker?
    Creatiosoft Poker offers a comprehensive setup manual and an online knowledge base to assist you in configuring the poker source code on your server. Additionally, a video tutorial for Amazon Web Server will be provided.
  • Can Creatiosoft customize Texas Holdem Poker Game Apps according to specific requirements?
    Absolutely! Creatiosoft specializes in customizing Texas Holdem Poker Apps to meet the unique requirements and preferences of our clients. Whether you need specific features, branding elements, or integration with other platforms, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.
  • How is collusion identified and avoided by the poker software?
    Creatiosoft Poker ensures robust security measures for all product codes by leveraging neural pattern recognition technology. Through real-time hand history recording and analysis of player behavior, the system identifies potential collusion and promptly notifies administrators of any suspicious activity.
  • How does Creatiosoft handle security incidents and data breaches in Texas Holdem Poker Game Apps?
    In the event of a security incident or data breach, Creatiosoft follows established incident response procedures to promptly investigate, mitigate, and remediate the issue. We notify affected parties and take appropriate measures to prevent future occurrences.
  • Is it possible to keep an eye on and trace the IP addresses that the poker software uses?
    Certainly! The poker software logs and gathers the IP addresses of individual players. Administrators can utilize this data to block individuals from accessing the platform using the same IP address. Moreover, players have the option to join the same table with friends and family members sharing the same network.
  • How can I get in touch with Creatiosoft for Texas Holdem Poker Game App Development inquiries?
    You can contact Sales@Creatiosoft.Com or file a support case on the Creatiosoft Poker Helpdesk. Paid clients also get access to a dedicated Telegram channel where they may obtain quick support with any issues.
  • What kind of support does Creatiosoft provide after the launch of a Texas Holdem Poker App?
    At Creatiosoft, our commitment to our clients doesn't end after the launch of a Texas Holdem Poker App. We provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and support to ensure the continued success of your app. Our dedicated team is always available to address any issues or concerns that may arise.
  • Is software support a free service or does it need payment?
    Initial support will be offered free of charge for the initial three months. After this timeframe, tailored support options can be arranged according to your requirements. For immediate assistance, we suggest enrolling in our personal support engineer service at a monthly rate of USD 499.

Our Back Office Solutions

  • Game Management
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Advanced Player Analytics
  • Bonus Management
  • Finance Management
  • Player Management

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Dear @pokerscript your poker software for sale was the best gift for my startup. #Startupsupport
Bethan Jeffries
Game Consultant, Denmark
Dear @pokerscript your poker software for sale was the best gift for my startup. #Startupsupport
Bethan Jeffries
Game Consultant, Denmark
Dear @pokerscript your poker software for sale was the best gift for my startup. #Startupsupport
Bethan Jeffries
Game Consultant, Denmark

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