Several people believe that they don’t need Quality Analysts for their business. According to them, the QA engineers or experts only look out for the bugs and malfunctions in software. That’s why we are here trying to break this myth of theirs. Also, we are explaining the entire process of quality assurance. It is already surprising to find such a wider range of their responsibilities. Before knowing the quality assurance process, we must know about quality assurance.

What is Quality Assurance?

Software quality assurance is the practice to monitor the process of software engineering. It also observes the methodology used to ensure the higher quality of the software. 

What Is Quality Assurance Testing?

Quality Assurance brings the assurance to deliver such software that conforms to the requirements set by the clients. The QA testing ensures that the application must work without defects and failures. 

The processes of quality assurance service strictly adhere to the software development process. However, the process of quality assurance begins even before software development. In their words, the QA engineers start working before software developers on the project and respective tasks. 

The Quality Assurance experts are playing a critical role in supporting the software development team. The QA experts strive to ensure the timely delivery of the software by adhering to the quality standards of the software. In the agile testing process, software testing and development go altogether from the beginning to the end of the SDLC. This ecosystem also ensures to meet all the requirements of the software. 

QAs/testers must test the entire software by keeping it in several scenarios to detect any defects or bugs.

What is Defect/Bug?

A defect is simply anomalies or hindrance that make the application behave differently other than expected. 

Let’s say you are working on an online shopping portal. Here, you want to add your item to the cart. Instead of addition of the product, you are facing your account getting log-out. This unexpected behavior is the anomaly that is avoiding your portal to function differently. And this anomaly is a defect or issue or bug which is not meet the requirement.

Now, you need to know about the reasons that are responsible for the occurrences of bugs.

What are the Common Reasons That are Behind The Occurrence of the Bugs?

Common Reasons That are Behind The Occurrence of the Bugs

A bug can appear for several reasons that may vary for distinct projects. However, we are sharing the following common reasons for the occurrence of bugs in the software. 

Conflicting Requirements

Several clients have ideas about the expectations and purpose of their software. Thus, they are particular with the development of features and functionalities of the software. The clients who have a mere idea or concept of the software but are not aware of the results, bring ambiguity to the results. 

How Quality Assurance Resources here?

Here, the QA experts come to the rescue with the following tasks

  • Defining the requirements 
  • Planning the requirements validation
  • List out all the tasks from the functional and non-functional requirements

As software developers are unaware of the possible inconsistencies with the tasks that might occur. Thus, QA experts in the project are great to help indeed.

Lack of Communication

Quality Assurance plays a key role in connecting the business analyst or product owner with the development team. He ensures regular communication at both ends. This effective communication makes both the client and the development team understand the features and functionalities. If there is no common understanding of the functionalities then, it is inevitable to avoid the bugs.

Let’s say, the client wants a single button of Login in his mobile application. Now, he wants that when the login popup appears, it must have the signup option as well at the bottom of the popup. However, due to the absence of QA, the developer misses this critical information. He provides the login button without the Signup option in it. This anomaly is a defect or bug due to the lack of communication.

Changing Requirements

There is no doubt about the fast-changing nature of the business environment. However, this dynamic nature might become a challenge for software development. As even a small change can impact the previous development process too. Adding with the delays in the project launch from days to months. The chances of these mishappenings are higher when the team does not have a QA expert. 

The QA experts are specialists in such cases where small changes can affect the quality of the product. In such cases, the QA experts assess the pros and cons to decide whether these changes are necessary or not.

Project’s Size and Complexity

Handling major projects which require a large number of developers with QA professionals is difficult. Software developers are humans that can make mistakes in the code. Here, even a small mistake or error can turn into a huge problem. Resulting in the loss of both reputation and money. Here, the QA experts play a key role in continuously testing the code where even the errors come, the issue must be resolved then and there.

Poor documentation

Proper documentation helps in framing the flow for both game developers as well as QA testers. Also, it keeps a record of the features, and functionalities and establishes the quality standards. 

Thus, poor documentation results in a poor coding infrastructure. This increases the chances of bugs in the code. Hence, Quality assurance specialists ensure that the software developers should not forget to document their code. Also, they ensure the code must be understandable, maintainable, and clear.

Why Does Your Business Needs Quality Assurance?

Why Does Your Business Needs Quality Assurance?

We have mentioned earlier in the group that several people firmly believe in no need for QA. For small projects, we can take that risk. However, for complex and big projects, at least one QA specialist is a must to accomplish all the testing needs. 

Also, there is no doubt that having a QA specialist can save the following factors for the day for the entire company. 

1. Time:

Like the bug, is nothing but creating issues in releasing the project. The QA specialists are the ones who evaluate the initial requirements. Also, they explain whether the transformation of the idea is possible as the client wants or not. , By working together with Software developers, QA saves time in bug elimination. It saves a lot of time as the bugs will be fixed at the time of development only.

2. Money:

Tine is money. As the QA experts are the ones who process to optimize the time with cost. Also, the QA experts reduce the time spent on development and save from the additional expenses.

3. Integrity:

The process of Quality Assurance detects the vulnerabilities and risks. This way they cater to these weak spots to improve the quality before the product is launched. 

4. Privacy:

When companies outsource the Quality assurance services, their primary concerns are as following.

  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy

Amongst the goal of QA, the major one is to ensure that the data of the software is safe. Also, it ensures that there is not slightest possibility of the data leakage.

5. Reputation:

Quality is directly proportional to the reputation of the firm. Thats why Quality assurance is must to ensure that the software development is 

  • bugless, 
  • user-friendly 
  • and logically flawless, 

Having a business without quality or low quality is not worth it. That’s why we are sharing the importance of software testing and quality assurance. Irrespective of the size and complexity of the project, one must have a QA specialist in your development team. As this one addition saves save time, money, and the company’s reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does quality assurance mean?

It is a set of programs that monitors and tracks several aspects of a project or service systematically. It also ensures that the project is meeting the standards of quality or not.

2. What Are Quality Assurance Standards?

Quality assurance standards are a set of criteria that express the commitment of businesses toward delivering high-quality products to their users.

3. Why Do I Need A Quality Assurance Engineer?

A Quality Assurance Engineer is responsible for identifying bugs, vulnerabilities, and inconsistencies in the product at all project stages. Therefore, Quality Assurance will secure not only the product’s quality but also maintain your brand’s reputation.

4. How To Contact Creatiosoft For QA Services?

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