The year 2020 was hiatus time for brick and mortar casinos and card games. Top online poker trends for 2022 Online gaming platforms gave them a perfect place to resume from where they left. Today various poker game operators are operating from their own independent poker platforms. The year 2021 witnessed the return of major poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. According to the reports, this gaming sector has been evaluated to hold value in billions. By the next year, 2023, these card games will be more than 100+ billion. This is the perfect time for poker game operators to make hay while the sun shines. This is the perfect chance to capture the maximum market and capitalize on this growth. All they need is the right poker game software development solutions to thrive in the iGaming industry. Though, only poker game software is not enough to thrive. It also requires adopting the latest technologies such as Reality technologies, blockchain, etc. These technologies are the new interest of mass that actually helps you and your business to grow at an outstanding rate. Here, we are figuring out the latest potential for poker games in 2022.

Poker Game Software Suppliers?

Top Online Poker Game Trends for 2022

1. The Return of the Live Poker Games

Live poker games were quite popular before the year 2020. Thus, everyone is expecting that these live poker games will recover completely. This return means the comeback of live cash games and local poker tournaments. This also ensures better and bigger poker game tournaments such as European Poker Tour and the WSOP.

The massive involvement of people in WSOP 2021 confirmed the interest of people. Thus, the poker experts are expecting to set a new journey for live poker players in 2022. This is the right time for poker operators to find the right poker game software to encash the interest of the audience.

2. Blockchain-Based Currencies

Blockchain-based currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are potentially replacing the classic currency. We witnessed the rise in the demand for cryptocurrency poker game software. Poker game operators are looking for the right poker game software development company in the USA for such poker game software. However, they need to pay attention to various things before introducing cryptocurrencies to their users/players.

One of the major reasons to give preference to these cryptocurrencies is anonymity. The transactions made with cryptocurrency are untraceable. Though we are witnessing a slow inclination toward blockchain still, players are relying on the mainstream. The anonymity surely protects the privacy of players along with ensuring great data protection policies.

Though crypto poker game software is in high demand still they are facing major concerns. There is still some concern with major poker operators about using cryptos on their platforms. Several smaller poker sites and apps are now allowing crypto deposits. Now, you can expect this trend to grow more in the present with stronger cryptocurrencies in 2022.



3. Poker Apps Going Better

We all need to acknowledge the strength of better gaming platforms. We still overlook this emerging trend. More platforms ensure a better reach. A mobile poker app brings the game of poker into the hands of players. Any poker enthusiast loves more mobile poker apps than the poker web app. In 2021, we witnessed lesser activity on popular poker sites than on their mobile poker apps. Thus, we are expecting to see more involvement in the poker app development.

At Creatiosoft, we offer poker app development solutions that our users love. Our expert poker developers ensure the high quality of poker apps. This quality and experience are factors for users to choose the right poker gaming apps. The following tips suggest the best poker game software development.

  • Involve such a tech stack that can bring the stable gaming environment
  • Make sure to put functionalities in such a way that can enable or disable as per requirements.
  • Make sure to provide an easy sign-up process for new users.

4. Involvement of Reality Technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

About a decade ago, players were happy about the existence of online poker games. With the intervention of technologies with reality, expectations have risen significantly. Today, various poker brands are offering a virtual reality experience. The announcement by Meta to create Metaverse has pushed the VR/AR drive to greater engagement in games. There are several features such as gesture imitation, 3D avatars, and live interactions due to reality technologies. This is a clear resemblance to the real things with this digital poker experience.

5. Expansion of Online Poker in the USA

Though, it has been years for poker in the USA. The recent expansion of poker in new states with new regulations and intrastate treaties has made it more reliable. The year 2022 is expecting the legalization of betting to create a better market for operators in the USA.

Whenever any gaming trend emerges, it becomes the perfect opportunity to capitalize on it. Thus, poker game development companies analyze how much is it feasible to convert as a feature. Creatiosoft offers such poker game software which makes the most sense for end-users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of Poker software and mobile apps for our poker gaming business?

Poker software introduces an online platform for the players. This online platform offers various variants of poker games with safe and engaging gameplays. Using this poker software, you can integrate it as a mobile poker game app or web app.

2. What technologies do you use for poker game development?

We prefer the game engines such as Unity, Cocos2D, and HTML5 to develop a real money poker game. We rely on Node.JS and Socket.IO for the backend of poker games where a database is using MongoDB and the server is AWS.

3. How will I know the progress of my game development?

Communication is the premium method to retain the trust of our clients. Though, our project managers or business analysts provide regular progress updates through the mail. Even if you want to connect with our team to know the status then you can contact our business analyst or development team anytime. We are easily available on skype, WhatsApp, emails, as well as calls.

4. What are the versions of the Poker game app?

We offer the following versions of poker game software.

  • Desktop Version
  • Mobile app
  • Web-version

5. How much time does it take for poker game app development?

We have been into poker game development and deployment for more than 12+ years. Our card games have seen wide popularity across the world. We can launch our poker games within 2 weeks. If the client seeks customization, then customization depends upon the complexity. This can extend the time limit to 20 weeks too.

6. What are the core features that should be present in a Poker software and app?

Some of the features of the Poker game app

  • Full Customization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Engaging and User-Friendly UI
  • Easy to Install and Play
  • Highly Compatible For All Platforms
  • Multiple Payment Choices
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Chat and Messaging System
  • Multiple Currency Support

7. Do you provide continued maintenance support for online casino game development?

Yes, Creatiosoft offers continuous maintenance support for casino game development, even post-development, for more information, please Contact Us.

8. How to contact Creatiosoft for the Casino game development project?

You can discuss your casino game idea with us. You can talk about it over a phone call or WhatsApp at +91-8860912115. or send an email directly to Else you may fill out the contact us form.

We will revert to you soon.