Android lovers get something very amazing and exciting… Now you can run your favorite Android applications on Windows desktop. BlueStacks has an application for that. Bluestacks has make it possible to run Android applications on Windows systems. Everyone who used it liked it a lot!

ASUS has signed deal with BlueStacks which includes Android app player can run on the company’ s next generation PC’s including the models running on Windows 8.

Asus and BlueStacks, announced a partnership on june 3 with a legacy of 30 millions, lets users run Android applications on Windows devices simultaneously with Windows apps.

Since, Microsoft has planned to make it difficult to dual- boot or root any other operating system on Widows 8 systems and tried hard to make it impossible to add or switch operating systems on Windows RT.

BlueStacks will be the only way to run Android applications on Windows 8 PCs, tablets and smartphones. BlueStack will do this by running an emulation of the Android Davlik rather than using a virtual machine..Android Davilk will serve as a bridge between the application and Window’s API

BlueStack is also planning to patent some of the technology in it’s Android emulator.