This year in the gaming industry, virtual reality has become more prominent. Earlier this year, the number of social casino game development companies, debuting new game technology that will be available to the public as early as 2016. Virtual reality is going to be very big. Social casino is likely to benefit from dose of virtual reality. “Social casino game is one of first genres that monetize successfully on Oculus”. Social casino games are all about engagement. It’s logical, that games enhanced by Virtual Reality will be more compelling and therefore successful.

Virtual reality will take the social casino game to the next level. It’s going to change the way we live. So take your i-gaming and social game content into the future by transforming them into virtual reality. Each social casino player’s are looking for the best entertainment and the virtual reality platform delivers it. If you talk about previous social casino’s game, they had limited social interaction. You are just limited to the your phones, but In Virtual Reality you are able to interact in real time with other player’s and play social games together with friends and convert better than anything previously possible. Finally, Virtual Reality is a boon for real money players because casino player’s will get the live casino gaming experience all from the comfort of their home. You get the best seat in the house: Hovering right or left. You feel like you are really there. The future of virtual reality is incredibly exciting.

Social casino has become a $3.2 billion market, and expects that market to grow to $4.4 billion by 2017, because Virtual Reality is playing a part in that growth. Social games can become even more popular with the help of virtual reality, User virtual presences interact with one another online player. Player’s can explore virtual spaces together and engage in multiplayer games.