Everyone knows about the mobile platforms that are available in market. The most popular mobile platform among users are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Windows, BlackBerry, PlamPre and J2ME. As we all know that smartphone market has caught the imagination of its users. Hence, the demand of application is growing rapidly.

But nowadays, it’s not all about iOS apps. If we consider the rate at which Android takes mobile market shares, it’s for sure that Android apps are booming in app world and has became a good source of interesting revenues.

To create a simple, straightforward mobile app—one that can not only be easily understood, but makes the user productive when they’re beyond the boundaries of traditional IT assistance—is anything but simple.

If we talk about iOS app marketing and Android app marketing, there are many general advices that can be applied to both of the mobile platform(I have discussed a lot about this at my post @ ). But, some tricks are not same.

In this blog I will discuss insights of some Top Trending apps:

1. Crazy Jumping Monkey (Winshy-LinG):

“Crazy Jumping Monkey” is a very wonderful cute jumping game that lets you play as a small monkey that jumps on balloons into the sky. The more balloons you jump on, the higher you will reach and the more points you get. While jumping don’t forget to watch out for the bird, which can give your extra bonus.

Have a look at:

My Review:

Astonishing Graphics
Very Simple & user-friendly controls: just click to start the jumping, while jumping between balloons.
Endless Game that too FREE!!
Very short & succint help screen
Game has good reviews and 4 rating in Google play store
Many sites wrote about the game
Available on many appstores apart from Android Market like Android informer, MetricsCat, AndroidPit, android.downloadtoz, AppBrain etc.

2. Angry Bear (SHEVCHUK):

Angry bear is a funny little game that’s popular and lovely,it’s a classic zuma style game,if you like zuma style games,you are not gonna miss this one,it’s totally free and full of challenge. Version 1.0 of this game has 20 levels.

Have a look at:

My Review:

Beautiful Graphics
Levels to unlock, which keep user engrossed for long-time
Short & succinct help screen
Drawback : Controls are not good and userfriendly..
Hit Zuma idea like candy zuma
Avg reviews: it may be because many similar games are already there
Available on appeggs.com, apptube.com, androidinformer.com, appszoom.com, androidrank.com etc.

3. Unicorn Run (Dexati):

Help the unicorn to run away and escape over the rainbow. You can give him magical powers, and make him jump or fly over and under obstacles. Do not let him lose the race and become extinct! Unicorn run is the best unicorn game on google Play.

Let the unicorn run, jump and fly away to freedom by avoiding many challenging obstacles. Unicorn Run comes with several levels of fun for the entire family. It is a fun family game.

Have a look at:

My Review:

Hit Running idea
Well-known Character : Unicorn
Good Animation
Nice Themes & colorful graphics
Instructions while playing
Many controls: Tap any no. of times to make the character fly high
Level oriented game
Simple and easy controls
Short & succinct help screen
Easy to understand
Good reviews
Available on chinese stores like ken.ann9.com
Flying powers, power ups while running
Hit Unicorn idea
Most of the users are from India

Developing an app actually requires a large body of experience, along with a structured development process and creative team for designing. To create mobile apps more quickly, effectively, and reliably we should try to cover the complete mobile stack, from low-level operating system enhancements to application design, development, and deployment.