I am penning this post to share my personal experience in android app marketing.


This steps gives overall understanding of the marketing required to increase number of app downloads

1. Choose correct catchy application name.

2. Create a good looking icons.

3. Screenshot should be lovely and convincing.

4. Write a description that is easy to read by users and in the same time contains as mush relevant words as possible.

5. Add you app link in all relevant facebook public pages, Groups and on your wall.


6. Post your app on twitter.


7. Post your app on Google+


8. Any other social network you have access to.


9. Create a video concerning your app and upload it on youtube.

10. Post you app on as many forums as you can.

Some Best Android Forums Are:-

* Androidcentral

* Androipit

* XDA Developers

* Androidforums

* Androidcommunity