Wallpapers are images that can be set as a background on your system screen. If it is customizable then it will add sugar to the taste. We got some wonderful collection of vibrant and highly customizable live wallpapers. Check this out:

1.Blending Images Live Wallpaper :












Blending images is a cool live wallpaper with amazing features. Most amazing feature of this android app is that you can blend the images simply by touching them. Simply touch the home screen and blend the images from left, right and from even top and bottom. It is the only Android live wallpaper where you can get highly customized features. You will fall in love with splatter as soon as you installed it.

Try this at:

  2.Colorful Balls Live Wallpaper:













An mind blowing live wallpaper that depicts colorful balls of various shapes, sizes and variety floating across your and android home screen and provides it with a total sporting look. A fun application since it provides a very trending look to the smartphone. Get this at :

4.Music Melody Live Wallpaper :













This live wallpaper is designed specially music lovers. It is a very simple wallpaper that shows musical symbols floating across your android mobile screen against a musical background resulting in a very beautiful and melodious panorama.

Try this out at:

Enjoy Android apps!! 🙂