It’s not a secret anymore that modern gamers are loving casual games. The reason why casual games are receiving so much love is to enjoy only. Such casual game development does not need any investment.  Though, players are not committed to engaging with the game for so long. Hard-core gamers are not fans of these games. Still, it doesn’t make the popularity of casual games any lesser. 

The casual games are easy to learn. As the best casual game developers focus on including a few controls. The simpler version of casual games is “HYPER CASUAL GAME Development”. These hyper-casual games are almost surpassing the popularity of casual games. Another reason to love casual game is it does not require a significant amount of time to play.  Usually, players play this game genre randomly to just have fun. 

This game development variant does not have any targeted audience. At the same time, this mobile game belongs to every age group and everyone. The best casual game development company includes the following genres of the gaming industry

  • Puzzle games
  • Hidden object games
  • Adventure games
  • Strategy games (including time management)
  • Arcade & action games
  • Word & trivia games
  • Card & board games

In this article, we are going to share an insightful guidebook for the best casual game development. Before working on the best casual game development project, we must be aware of the modern trends around it.

What Are The Top Trends for Casual Game Development?

Technology is advancing to get interesting mobile games as trends. With the rise in social features and more generic elements that are influencing the gaming experience. Here are the following trends that are marking a new journey for the best mobile game development company.

1. Use of Meta Elements

Earlier, casual game development used to revolve around gameplay only. Mere gameplay was easy to learn and players used to spend their time relaxing. However, the scenarios shifts for the best mobile game development company. Now, the best android game development company is focusing more on monetizing the core game.

For example, Putting ads (View Ad) feature to gain more boosters, coins
View Ads without skipping to Continue the android game.

These two examples are part of encouraging the monetization model in the game using advertisements. More people will click on the ads, and the more earnings the android game development company receives.

The inclusion of meta elements leads to the improvement of casual games. Though, the core game was already in focus earlier. But now with meta elements, the mobile game development process is becoming more progressive and sensible.



The following examples set the exact presentation of the meta elements in the game.

  • Collectable Characters Or Items 
  • New Avatars on Levelling Up or Upgradation of characters
  • Storytelling or Guide In The Game

2. Building Communities for the Players

Earlier, casual games were varied in social mechanics. These mechanics were related to the mid-core games only. Now, the best mobile game development company focuses. The following features in mobile games represent the use of social communities. 

  • Sending rewards to the player
  • Sending friend requests and adding them as your buddy
  • Sharing your winning scores, etc.

This is not the end. This social activity has expanded to social life events. Keeping the future in mind, the best mobile game development company can expect more intense social interaction in their casual games. With the concept of digital togetherness, the best casual game development company in the USA is taking baby steps to lay the foundations for social communities.

This works in the favor of improving social engagement and community-building capacity.

3. Rise In Engaging Game Play

The casual game development company is now focusing on increasing player engagement. This effectively marks the best mobile game development company in the competition. Also, keeping the revenue model in mind, casual game developers are looking for several ways to engage and retain players. 


Higher player retention and engagement ensure the success of the game. Thus, expert 3D game developers focus on adding elements to make players return to the game. This eventually increases player retention. It is also difficult and expensive to work on attracting new players. There the popularity of the game plays an important role. Thus, player retention helps in saving the cost to lure new players. 

The above trends are going to rule the gaming world. Several gaming companies are already incorporating these trends and releasing amazing game experiences. Next, we are following how to develop these casual games. 

How to Develop Casual games?

What do you think makes a game successful? How to launch the casual game of your idea? With these questions, we are providing a step-by-step guide for mobile game development

1. Get an Idea For Casual Games

A unique game idea, relevant monetization plan and unique gameplay with an engaging story.  Although you don’t need to have an innovative idea always. It simply needs to be an out-of-the-box idea, to begin with. The different ways to engage with the payers in the game attract the gamers and they keep on returning to the game.

Who doesn’t take interest in the stories? If that game appears as a story, Story of suspense, thrill, etc. It gives the excitement factor to gamers. Thus, the game developers understand this point very well. It becomes the responsibility of the casual game development company to relate the story and characters to the gamers. This storyboarding contains the following elements 

  • Levels, 
  • Stages, 
  • Characters, 
  • Rewards, etc.

2. Plan The Requirements For Your Casual Game

Now, you have the concept. The next step is to plan your casual game development. For that, you need to understand the requirements. Now to finalize the requirements, Our game business analysts have prepared certain questions for you. This QNA helps a lot in finalizing the requirements for the best casual game development. The more you will prepare, the more efficiently you can set the quality standards for your expectations. Isn’t it simply great?

The following questions begin with the What Are/Is:-

Number of Platforms of The Casual Games 

Designing The Game UI 

  • Storyboarding
  • 2D graphics
  • 3D graphics

Complexity Levels in the Casual Games 

  • characters, 
  • animations, 
  • number of levels,
  • type of game modes, etc)

Preferred Game Development Engine

  • Unity, 
  • Unreal, 
  • cocos2D

On consulting the best android game development company, you must prefer the agile game development model. This working model simplifies the adjustments for the changes in the game.

3. Set An Estimated Budget For Your Casual Game Development

Budget plays an important role in establishing the casual game. As it is the initial model without any return. The ROI begins after the proper release and marketing of the game. Thus, considering the budget becomes the most important. You need to consider the following factors to consider budgeting.

  • Preparation of the game design document
  • The Number of Platforms of The Casual Games
  • Designing The Game UI
  • Testing Of Casual Games
  • Category of The Casual Games
  • Complexity Level of the Casual Games
  • Preferred Game Development Engine

4. Select The Number Of Platforms For Your Casual Game

You might have more than one platform to run your game. But to start, you can launch your game on any one of the preferences.  Later, you can launch it on other platforms. This also decides the budget of your game.

Undoubtedly, the single platform targets a limited audience. Thus, we recommend increasing the audience market by targeting cross-platform game development with a reasonable budget.

5. Choose The Most Suitable Game Development Engine

Game development needs software that can meet all of your gaming needs. This software is the game engine. The game engines help game designers plan and design casual games easily. The popular game engine, Uniy3D helps in developing 3d game development. Also, the Unity3D game development supports the game for mobile devices without any compromise on quality.

6. Prepare a Game Design Document To Draft The Concept

Now, that you have the concept of the game, you need to document all the features in a document. This document holds all the small requirements of the games. It includes the specification, functionalities, features, appearances on a different platform, and everything.

This document holds the record for the following details.

  • Technologies, 
  • Elements of the Game
  • Game Design, 
  • Gaming Experience, 
  • Game Architecture

This game design document helps mostly unity game developers and casual game testers.

7. Design and Develop Your Casual Games

This phase explains the look and feel of your casual games. The better graphics will attract more layers and encourages players to play more game. It’s up to you, what definition of graphics you want in your game. At present, players are preferring both 2D and 3D game development. This step includes the designing of the following elements.

  • environment, 
  • characters, 
  • objects, 
  • texture, etc.

This step also includes the development of the game. In this stage, the casual game developers transform the game into a newer experience. This step also includes the development of a back-end game development with all features, functionalities, experience, navigation, etc.

Precisely, it covers all the necessary parts of the requirements.

8. Test Your Casual Mobile Games

Now, you have accomplished the development stages, but still, it needs verification. Before releasing any casual game in the market, the best casual game development company need to head with the game testing services. The game is a head element of your business. Any discrepancy with the quality of the game will mark a question mark to the reputation. Also, it may lead to losing mobile game players. 

Thus, you must take assurance of the game quality first. Then, you can release a perfect and bug-free version. Hence, this step is a really important phase in the process of casual game development. You can hire or outsource game testers for your own business. This will help your business by maintaining the higher quality of casual games.

9. Plan Your Suitable Monetization Strategy

You stated the gaming business to get the higher ROIs. For that, you need to consider several monetizing strategies. To achieve that, you need to study your gamers, and then consider how you can encourage the player’s involvement with money. You can consider the following suggestion to implement in your casual games.

  • in-app purchasing, 
  • monthly subscription model, 
  • sponsored ads, 
  • paid mobile games, 
  • premium versions, 
  • free-to-play games, 
  • Advertisements from third-party
  • real money games, etc.

How Much Does Casual Game Development Cost?

As discussed above, several factors affect the cost of casual game development. This also plays an important role in establishing the budgeting of the entire casual game development. It depends upon the following factors.

1. Platform

If you choose single-platform game development, then it will cost lesser than multiple-platform game development. It also depends upon your preferred platform. As android game development is costlier than ios game development.

With iOS, the game app management and payments become expensive. Thus, the best way to avoid these complications. The best casual game development company suggest preferring cross-platform game development over single platform game development.

2. Design and Development

The game design also affects the cost. It follows the multilayer process by designing the game levels, environment, and gameplay. There is no game without aesthetics.  Here, the cost depends upon the choice of 2D game Development and 3D game development.

Also, hiring professional game designers and casual game developers also brings a difference in budgeting. Higher experience leads to high costs.

3. Casual Game Testing

Game testing is the most time-taking process in the entire game development lifecycle. A single bug can destroy the entire module or functionality. Thus, you must keep the budget for the game testing separately as suggested by the best casual game testing company.

4. Game Complexity

The higher the engagement, the higher the graphics quality, higher is the complexity. The higher complexity leads to a high cost. As it covers a high number of features and functionalities. This complexity includes the number of levels, players and variations of the casual game.

There is no specific way to explain the cost estimates for casual game development. As it depends upon the above-mentioned factors. 

Casual games are games of fun but the casual game development process is not fun. It takes a long time to research, plan and preparation than the casual game development process.  Every step can be a challenge without expert mobile game developers. To accomplish these challenges, we recommend you hire the best mobile game development company. The best casual game development company can effectively pan your casual game to success and help you grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take for casual game development?

For any casual game development, there is no specific time model. It depends upon the following factors

  • Idea or concept of the game
  • The complexity of the casual game
  • Levels in the game
  • Variations in the game
  • Number of players involved in the game (single-player or multiplayer game)
  • Number of platforms where games need to be released

Several games can be developed within weeks as well as it may take 6-7 months or more than that.

2. How much does it cost for casual game development?

The budget (cost estimation) depends upon the following factors

  • Idea or concept of the game
  • The complexity of the casual game
  • Levels in the game
  • Variations in the game
  • Number of players involved in the game (single-player or multiplayer game)
  • Number of platforms where games need to be released

Depending on these factors the mobile game development company in the USA suggest the exact cost. 

3. Do you create casual games for multiple operating systems?

Yes, we offer casual game development services that can run on multiple operating systems and devices seamlessly.

4. Which game development methodology do you prefer?

At Creatiosoft, We prefer game development using agile methodology.

5. How can I contact Creatiosoft for my casual game development idea?

You can connect with us through the contact form available at You can also send an email directly to or WhatsApp or call us at +91-8860912115.

We will revert you by mail or call you for your request.