Android Market: a digital entertainment hub for all app lovers, has turned into boundless sea full of apps. Hence, no matter how great and of high quality the app is, it must be promoted best to achieve its highest rankings possible.  So many developers have started developing app so being a startup app developer, one has to deal with promotion with a moderate or no budget, and that’s not an easy task.
But still, I found some ways which I would love to share!

Mobile App Marketing can be splited into two parts:

  • Pre Launch Marketing Strategy

1. Inside an App Store
2. Outside an App Store

  •  Post Launch Marketing Strategy

1. Inside an app store
2. Outside an app store

Let’s have a look at what we should add in our app marketing plan to make an app successful.

Pre Launch Marketing Strategy

This point is very important as well as repetitive for every apps. Some factors which we should consider before launching an app:

App’s Icon : The app icon is what will allow your app to stand out from the crowd and give buyers a visual incentive to click on it

App’s Screenshot: Many users just hate reading description so you must add screenshots which explains about the app at first instance. So that users don’t need to read full description in understanding the app.

App’s description:
– When you write a description for your app, you need to remember that the first paragraph should really capture the app’s essence since only the first nine lines of it will be visible without an extra click on the “More” button to read the entire description.
– Next up and most important step in inside optimization is keywords optimization. According to various sources around 75 percent of an apps discoverability is driven by web searches. You need to begin your app optimization process with a set of targeted keywords within an app’s title while including the same keywords in an app’s description.

Catchy Name: App’s Name is the next important factor after icon as user views the name and then only he opens your app.

Make Sure that the Ad Loads Fast: This is one major point you should make sure of, before going on to promote your app. See to it that your load time is no more than 5 seconds. Otherwise, the chances are that your audience will get bored of the wait and hit the Back or Skip button. Remember, your mobile audience is invariably quite fickle and equally demanding as well. Hence, do everything you can to grab their attention.

Include Different Languages: Android devices are available in many parts of the world. Hence, it would be to your benefit to advertise in several languages and not merely stick onto English. This will help you reach a variety of international audiences as well. Of course, before actually proceeding ahead with this strategy, you will have to plan out exactly what languages to include and how to go about the translation process for the same.

Analytic Tools: Integrate various search analytic tool like flurry to get your audience analytic figure.

The following app marketing plan components may look trivial to you, but they bear repeating.

Post Launch Marketing Strategy

1. Enable Users to Interact with You through various Social Networking sites like Facebook, twitter, g+, YouTube. Build your fa base and listen and understand your audience.

2. Motivate users to “Like”, “Rate”,” Review” & “Share” your app:  Add buttons in your app to make your app more viral and popular but remember your audience should not get irritated by this activity. So you have to wisely integrate this buttons in your app.

3. Get featured on app review sites:
Submit your app to some popular app review sites. Although, submitting the app to app review sites can drive good traffic but it is not always necessary that you’ll get good results because some of the review sites give genuine reviews and which can be negative review even. So, if you have a confidence that your developed app is bug free and has some fresh concept, then only submit your app to review sites. Otherwise, it can leave a negative impact on your audience. Every review site has different selection criteria, some of them charge for submitting your app while some of them submit if the app is up to their selection criteria.

4. Forums and Blogs: Post your app in all the available related forums and blogs. There are several forums for Android like Androidpit, XDA developers, Android Community etc. where you can display your app and drive traffic towards your app. Although, it’s a time consuming process, but through this you can drive traffic as well as user gives genuine comments on your app which can be a great help in updating your app.

Cross Promotion: The idea of cross promotion is simple and attractive. Two or more companies can promote each other’s product for mutual benefit. If you are a new developer and struggling to contact other developer, now you need not to personally contact other developers, many Ad networks provide this service free like Flurry.

Developing an app is hard, but marketing an app is even harder. It requires a multi-faceted and anti doomed approach that should be coordinated well. Each of the steps above will contribute to successful post launch marketing, but none of them are silver bullets.

For earning high downloads you have to create a great app and consistently promote it before and after launch through as many ways as possible in the app store ecosystem or outside it. With a lot of hard work, and a little luck, you can build a massively successful mobile app that will drive your business towards success.