Are you fond of writing and thinking of starting your own blog? Do you wonder how to attract a strong blog audience? In this article, we will discuss about how blogging can help you in improving your marketing strategy. If you want to market yourself in effective, cost-efficient way, then blogging is a great place to start.
Most of the people think that article writing and blog writing is similar, but they both are like opposite ends of the same ocean. Today content marketing strategies has become one of the most important strategies of online marketing for small, medium and large businesses. 
There are five traits people have that are necessary for blogging, and you know what everyone who is interested in writing has at least one.
• Dreamer
• Good Storyteller
• Instructor
• Persuader
• Curator
The idea is to take the trait or role that you play, recognize it, build upon it and then use it to create a successful blog.
Difference between a Good Writer & Good Blogger:
I think you don’t have to be a good writer to be a good blogger because when people think of good writer, they think of prize winning poems. However, blogging is extremely a different scene because a good blogger needs to be able to communicate in a way that builds bond and relationships. Blogging is not just about text. In fact, it is a platform through which should speak your thoughts and imaginations in a convincing way. If you think that, you are a good speaker then go for Podcast platform. Remember, writing is just a way of expressing yourself on a blog.
So, just start writing on potential topics or any idea that pops into your mind. Let the world know how creative are you!!