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Mobile games are slowly becoming the preferred choice for gamers with smartphones, PDAs, tablets and portable media players becoming ubiquitous. These games are designed with a mobile-friendly layout and are visually attractive and highly engaging. Developing mobile games follows a different approach than conventional app development. It combines creativity and imagination with skill, technology and exceptional understanding of user experience on a mobile platform. Some of the most popular mobile game genres are as follows:

social games
Casual / Social Games

They are fun and light games that people usually play to destress. Casual games can be played on personal computers, video game consoles, mobile phones, and our previous handheld devices. A type of casual games are social games which are played on social platforms with multiple players.

Puzzle Games

With word puzzlers, match-three games, or brain teasers, puzzle games lay emphasis on brain development and strategy. These games present the player with challenges and the ideal choice, when one wants is looking for a break. Famous puzzles for mobile include games like Blek, Threes, and Four Letters.

board games
Board Games

Classic board games have been around since ages and it has found its place in the digital world as well. The touch screen nature of smartphones and tablets has made it possible for gamers to replicate the experience of a real board game. Popular examples include Carcassonne, Splendor, Pandemic and Catan.

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At Creatiosoft, our vision is to enable organizations to reduce time to market of their apps, get closer to customers and achieve long-term profitable growth. Our mobile game development team is experienced in creating all types of games and apps starting from your idea to the finished product.

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Advanced mobile game development is our forte and we develop advanced mobile applications to attract customers towards mobile platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.


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