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Engaging and Easy To Play, Casual Games are catching everybody’s fancy

Casual games are fun and known to help users to release stress, anger, and tension. Casual games offer social, online and safe entertainment on personal computers, video game consoles, mobile phones and other devices. A few popular genres of casual games are as follows:

Hidden Object Games

Engages the player by giving a list of objects to find. The player has to search through a number of scenes for those objects, which can be either words or silhouettes. These games sometimes come with an interesting plot such as solving a crime.

Match-Three Games
Match-Three Games

Their simple and flexible game mechanics keep players hooked. The player has to match items on a board in groups of three or more and ultimately remove the items from the board. Popular examples are Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled and Jelly Splash.

Time Management Games

The player has a character on their screen which needs to accomplish certain tasks within a time limit. There are a lot of things going on at once during the game and the player has to be on his/her toes. The Diner Dash Series is a famous example.

Why Choose Us?

Creatiosoft offers a comprehensive casual game development services that include the technology and experience to develop, host, and distribute casual games via an online portal or platform. This gives our clients the convenience of an all-inclusive service to fulfill all their casual game development and marketing needs.

For our developers, to be able to create a game that gets players completely hooked is like obtaining nirvana. If the players cannot control themselves and keep coming back for more, this is when we feel we have achieved our goal.

Using proven experience on all game platforms, we provide porting services that enable clients to access audiences on devices which were previously unavailable. Porting includes platform specific adaptation of the interaction of the cross-technology ports where existing games are either modernized or converted from one middleware technology or platform to another.

We support you through the entire process starting from initial game concepts to game design, development and deployment.

The casual games development industry has a high scope of phenomenal growth with the increase in the distribution of handheld devices and social networking sites all over the world.


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