The social poker world is bringing some huge cash flow around for sure. With the involvement of big giant prize pools and engaging tournaments, online poker is one of the most loved games across the zone. What we found interesting is that not only real money gameplay is enjoyed but people love playing social poker equally with virtual coins, we are calling it virtual money poker. As wherever money gets involved for any game, it gets intensified, risky and a bit stressed affair. This is when social Poker game comes at the rescue where players never had to put real money on risk. The game is available for free to play, although, there is too something is put at stake.

In online social poker game websites or game apps, the winning prize is always non-monetized prizes. As the purpose behind the social poker games is simple fun, enjoy risks, learn and meet amateurs to veterans of Poker game there. What more interesting is that the players in their relaxed, no stress and amicably social environments where players can learn the fundamentals.

Why social games are so popular?

When it comes to think about social games is that anybody can play, In some countries like China its coming with age restriction casino games like Slot and Bingo, etc. The social games are games that players can easily adopt, learn, communicate and create a social network or community for themselves.

A social game that enhances your socializing skills and use it to bring your graph upward. Lets say there is a game, which is loved by more than lakhs of people, if they come up with socializing, they can compete against each other, talk to each other, share their gifts and get as many rewards they can. Now, instead of playing the game one alone, which gets boring, they get to play against millions. Additional to the socializing factors, they are fun and free to learn and play. This is why social games are getting more popular by the time.

Who play the social poker games?

This is another big question floating round the corner who plays the social poker games. Who are the possible audience to such games?

Players who love simple Poker

The players who love to experience the poker without considering any win or lose of money. Their only intention is to gain a good experience and a fun and relaxed time.

Players who need their Relaxed time

Psychologically, poker games is the best place to divert your mind and destress. Thus, Online social poker games is the best place where players take a small break and relax and relieve their stress.

In Which country Social Poker Games is popular?

Poker is showing tremendous growth in country like Israel, US, Cambodia, Philippines, India, UK, Middle East.

What are the Must Have Features in Online Social Poker Games?

A poker game development company or card game development company must be aware about the features which ideal online social poker games must have. Such games are based on Unity and Cocos2D game engines and even an iOS game development company can well craft the game. Lets find those which every poker game development company or card game development company.

Login System

As the name suggest “Social Poker”, then the game must-have attribute of social integration specially facebook. Thus the developer needs to design the two ways of logging into the system. One is Facebook and another is Guest Login.

In Facebook Login, the whole game API will be integrated with Facebook. With Facebook login, players can also find the Facebook friends who are playing the same game . They can play against each other on the same table and have competitive spirit up.

Another way to login to the game must be “Play as a Guest”. It allows you to play without any login and with an unique userid assigned to the player, they can play the game as long as they want. They will still lack few features if compared to facebook logged in session. As poker goes social, it need more than mere playing table, it need socializing as well.

Poker Variation like Omaha, Holdem

The more variations the Poker will have, more it will be loved. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the most popular variation of the Poker, which is why every social poker game must have these two variations in it. Poker game developers must bring the different poker experiences to make the players stay with game for longer.

Tournament & League

For any social poker games, the weekly challenges and tournaments are the elements that keep the player continuously engage with the game. Any Poker Game Developer must involve these features to ensure the interesting gameplay.

The Seasonal Challenges:-

Here, players are assured of free gifts, which they surely want to play and advance in their rankings. They have small and minor challenges for each seasons.

Weekly League:-

This is the best way to maintain the retention scale upwards by giving players new and regular challenges. These challenges must increases with the difficulty level as soon as player finishes the previous challenge. They get XP on playing hands, on wins or finishing the challenges with huge sum of winning amounts, the players receive the tickets as well. These tickets can be redeemed and exchange with money, boosters and free gifts or rewards. Well, who will be that player who won’t admire his account filled with heavy sums.

Poker game development company need to be very keen and crucial while planning the league or challenges for the league. They must ensure that poker game player must get some interactive and expressive challenges which can bind them with Poker table for longer.

Weekly Ranks and Leader boards

The social Poker players are always up for the challenges and with the competitive streak. Without leader boards and weekly challenges are their booster. They keep on returning to the game only to play these challenges and remain at the top among their friends or community of the game.

This Weekly Ranking system is another proven feature which make the players addicted to the Poker game for long run of time. Depending upon their game play and winnings, leaderboard is created for weeks, months, days, etc.. These leaderboards can depend upon various factors like challenges, rank, best hand and the winning amount. This race of the leaderboard is the KEY element to let the players evaluate and engage with the game.

Create a game community

When we talk about social poker game, then we are actually defining the social mechanics. The game development companies must ensure such features that can help the Poker game players to stay connected with their community, such as sending requests, sharing the coins, etc. to other friends in the game. With those features, Players can chat with their friends, share the gifts and also take tips from them to become expert on the Poker table.

Referral programs

This is one of the proven tactful techniques to promote and market your game amidst the other audiences. The Unity Game Development company must create the flow where, player feel the pull to invite their real friends on the game and strike to the healthy competition.

For instance, giving rewards on sharing and accepting the rewards to both sender and receiver end players. As rewarding both parties will encourage the players to put the game in good light and expand the number of poker players in your game.

Sending Gifts to each other

Any card or casino game development company can also use this feature to improve the interaction and community gesture for the players. They usually include the internal chats as well as sharing of the gifts to each other.

How to Monetize Social Poker Games?

Though, social poker game is earning a great value, but when it comes to revenue, they should never lack from any end. That is why it’s very necessary to know how to monetize the social poker game application with profits.

In App Purcahse

This is the simplest medium to step up for the revenue creation for the Poker development companies straight from the poker game app. The game developer must ensure that the free coins, boosters and many more power ups are available in the application stores. Players can pick their favourite price package and buy it to continue their game.

Rewards from Video Ads:-

This medium is considered as the most easiest method of the monetization, without any extra effort from the players. Here, third party videos or advertisement appear which provide the rewards, such as free coins to the players in return.


The surge popularity of the social poker game is its availability for free of the cost. The players are engaging, playing and marketing it by themselves. They are loved because of their learning nature and suitable for almost every adult. This is why this game is not only popular among the players but amongst the Poker development companies, who want their social game to improve by the clock. These game development companies are preferring Unity or Cocos2D as their game engines and NodeJS, WebSocket and Photon to ensure the online multiplayer game development process of the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What notable features must be available in a social poker games application?

At Creatiosoft, We prefer inclusion of latest innovation in our social poker software, which can be easily integrated with website and launched over Appstore and PlayStore. The notable features in our software are engaging and interactive game play, Variation ( Holdem, Omaha), online and live chatroom, multiplayer game lobby and game tables.

2. Which technology stack is preferred for Poker Game Development?

At Creatiosoft, We work on Poker Game development on our preferred tech stack which is Unity, Cocos2D, Phaser, HTML5,Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS and MongoDB.

3. Does Creatiosoft provide demo for its online Poker gaming solution?

Yes, we provide the demo for our Online Poker gaming solution.

4. Why one should choose Creatiosoft for Poker Game Development?

We have developed multiple Poker games & currently working with multiple operators across the Globe.

5. How to contact the Creatiosoft for a social poker games development?

You can talk to us for your social poker game over a phone call or whatsapp at +91-8860912115 or send an email directly to Else you may fill the Contact Us form.

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