Those days are gone when it was said that moving to online bingo from a bingo hall is difficult and uncomfortable. With new and advanced technologies, players find it more comfortable by keeping the social aspects of the game remains intact. The game of Bingo is a casino based game where players have to mark the numbers on the cards, and the numbers are drawn out randomly by a caller, the person who calls out ‘bingo’ first, meaning the players who get all his numbers called out, first is declared as the winner. In India, there is a game very similar to the bingo known as the Tambola game. The inspiration withdrawn is very much similar and most of the people are taking active part in this genre of game.

The game originated in around the 18th century in Europe and rose in popularity to be known as the social bingo game in UK by the 19th century. from there, its popularity has spread across the world. Even the first virtual format of Bingo which is played on computers and mobiles was in the U.K. This online version of bingo is more popular in U.K. because of its reach, ease, simplicity and convenience with anyone can play from anywhere.

With the involvement of mobile apps, the bingo game is offering even greater flexibility to player who are interesting in playing the game outside the walls of bingo halls.

Why Players are Preferring to Online Bingo Game?

Earlier it was considered that choosing the online bingo games over traditional bingo games means the sacrifice of the fun and social aspects of the game. But along with the advancement of technologies by bingo game development companies in USA, UK and India have ensured the social impact of the bingo game remains intact. There are several reasons players are raving about the online bingo over traditional bingo games like

1. The comfortable environment

While maintaining sociability with other players in a relaxed manner, which is not only convenient but ensures the best game possible. With online social bingo games

2. Wider selection of games to play

The online bingo is not limited to single variants or limited variants of the game. They can pick the most played room and choose from any games. They can choose when and from where they want to play.

How an ideal Online Bingo Gaming Software Must Be?

When it comes to the online game then safety and security is the biggest concern of the one. Thus there are two factors that must be considered in your social bingo game software which a bingo game development company must maintain.

  • High Quality

The social bingo game is a multiplayer game that ultimately demands high performance and quality graphics and room. This ensures the high-quality social bingo gaming experience.

  • RNG- Tested

This RNG is basically an algorithm that generates random numbers to make the outcomes fair. Thus, RNG-tested is a technical measure to ensure that social game software is fair and secure.

What is the Difference of Playing Social Bingo in USA and UK?

The major difference between the USA based bingo and UK based bingo is where there are 75- balls in USA exclusively, there UK based bingo game provides 75 balls and 90 balls variants. In the USA there are cards where game is played on a 5 x 5 grid card and have random numbers from a field of 1-75. Meanwhile, in UK, the 90 balls games are played on 9*3 grid card which are known as tickets. This variants highly represents to the Indian Tambola game highly. The field of numbers are aligned as 1-90.

How Social Bingo Games are Helpful in Socializing in Crisis like Covid-19?

When everyone is sitting in confined rooms of Lockdown due to the crisis of the novel Coronavirus, the global pandemic crisis. The time have seen actual the rise of online gaming in every domain especially helping in socialization when everyone is considered to be in isolation. The Social bingo is also taking actively part in fundraising for area organizations after maintaining the social distancing and socializing both altogether

How to publish the multiplayer social bingo game on the iOS and Android?

There are two ways one can play the social bingo game, one is to download them from stores and second play instant using instant play in your browsers and social media accounts.

To download the game it must be available in Android’s Playstore and iOS Appstore. One can easily publish their bingo game apps in this widely used devices and store houses.

Google Play

Google play is the most important platform to distribute any Android game or app, which is widely used. To publish the multiplayer social bingo game in Android Playstore, just follow three steps.

  1. Create the Developer account.

Open Google Play Console and create a developer account. Creating the account will cost $25, which is one time cost. This account gives the right tow the developer to publish as many app they want.

  1. Give title and description of your social bingo app

Think the name of your bingo game app, which must be unique and impressive. Also, they must be aware of wise uasage of SEO and ASO keywords while drafting the game app description. It can be successfully achieved by the proper research of keywords which are related to your game while searching the game in google playstore, like “Best Online Bingo Game ever” and many more. It will improve the visibility of your game app in google play as well as in search engines. Add images, game trailers and videos to create the reference of the game play and show off the best features of the game.

  1. Upload the binary file

After finishing above points, upload the.apk or binary file as per the guide on your Google Console to rollout to release and publish the app. .apk files are responsible for running the and installing the applications and game app on Android Operating System.

It will be available on Google Play with in hours.

iOS Appstore

This process is bit complicated than publishing the bingo game app in Google Play. As apple has higher standard guidelines and principles to ensure safe and high quality apps. They need to follow the following steps to publish the online multiplayer bingo game app.

  1. Create the Apple Developer account.

Register yourselves as an Apple developer which will cost 99$ and will be renewed annually. This account will allow you to develop the ios app and test it on the devices as well.

Before submission of the game app, ensure that you have icons, images, app previews and screenshots. the title of your app with its detailed with description ASO based keywords and its category as game. The first three lines of description are considered as highly crucial. Ensure the accuracy, clarity yet detailed information to the users of your game.

The review team takes few days and Apple informs themselves when your app will be available on the Appstore.

The game of bingo has been around for over five centuries. At one time in France bingo was the most popular game among the nobility. In modern times bingo has had a close association with churches, charities and fraternal organizations. There are around 3 million+ regular bingo players still in UK. Most of the bingo players are preferring to play in more than one bingo site. Studies tells that most of the bingo players play bingo for socialization more than financial gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the notable features in your online social bingo gaming solution?

The notable features we add in our online social bingo game solution are live bingo chat, responsible gaming, anti-fraud system, dice turning system, increase in difficulty level and mobile supportive gaming software.

  1. Which technology stack is preferred for online bingo game development?

We work on online bingo game development using our preferred tech stack using Unity, Cocos2D, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon. MongoDB, Github, Git Lab, and Bitbucket.

  1. Why to choose social multiplayer bingo product from Creatiosoft?

Creatiosoft’s bingo gaming product ensures and promotes social interaction, easy-to-use, mobile-optimized, chat function, which ensures to provide an enjoyable and competitive environment. The Creatiosft bingo game development team comprises of talented game developers and marketers who have years of experience in bingo game development.

  1. Can we schedule the demo for today at Creatiosoft for the social online bingo game?

Yes, you can schedule the demo for today at Creatiosft for the social online game app. You need to visit the contact us page or mail us at or whatsapp or call us at +91-8860912115.

  1. Can we order the ready made online social bingo gaming solution?

Yes, we can order the ready made online social bingo gaming solution after having the discussion over pricing, time to market, cost of operation, etc.