This era is self proclaimed as“Digital” which is effecting the attitude and behavior of the Indian This digital and online trends gave the steady growth in all evolving sectors of India in 2014-2015. This transformation brought sheer increase in the numbers of online games. When board games like Ludo game appeared online and created a massive fan following with over 10 million downloads in 2017. When famous card games caught attention of many multiplayer gamer like Rummy, Teen Patti,Poker and they occupied the grossing charts which is still in trend till today.

With increased influence of smartphones for mobile games, the revenue acquisitions of games like Teen Patti, Rummy and Poker breakthrough the numbers. The recent reports submitted by Tune, approx 88% of smartphone users have at least one game on their smartphones, and 39% of smartphone users have three or more than three games on their phones irrespective of the cost of smartphones they have. The strong UI/UX and higher engagement in the game are something that makes them loyal to the game for the long run.

The graph is sheer statement in itself which proofs the higher grossing and engrossing mobile games in India and undoubtedly, Teen Patti wins the battle over other card games as well as rest games in the mobile genre.

What is Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti is now not a fresh breath but a huge grossing avenue with online mobile card games. Teen Patti is the simplest form of poker which is originated from India and gained tremendous popularity across the South East Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. The online teen patti is the software version that allows the players to play teen patti on their mobile phones.

The Growing Market Of Teen Patti Game In India

We have seen the massive growth in the engagement of users on the smartphones from the past decade. Studies have stated that Indians spend average 3 hours in playing mobile games. There is floodingly surge of Teen Patti game players in India. Its the craze and love for Teen Patti game in India which is driving the force of the growing market of gaming industry.

  • The major reason for the popularity and widening space for social teen patti games is moving of game from Physical table to the mobile phones, we witnessed a shift in the age group of majorly 22-45 age group involving in social teen patti games and in coming 5 years. This growing scenarios will rise 20% each year to cross over Rs 1,000 crores through our handheld mobile devices.
  • The another reason behind the success of social teen patti growing so fluently is familiarity with the genre which got easily connected with the masses of India as the teen patti is evolved in India and became an integral part of the Indian traditions and festivals for generations.
  • The market analysts of online mobile applications have stated that the social teen patti game is out of five top grossing applications, the two space is occupied by Teen Patti applications. Today both have 100+ millions of downloads together. According to the report, on average, approximately 5.6 millions play users playing every day. In 2017, this number of downloads was just 6+millions together. Teen patti game has just converted the success in exponents with in two years.

Why Teen Patti Game Or Other Card Games are so Popular in India?

The game is simple which involves risk-taking and some skill and a huge game of chance. Though, the game belongs to chance but the only key works in this game is risk assessment. With the increased involvement of online card games and online casinos in India, teen patti has seen unprecedented growth and popularity in this region. The popularity of teen-patti in India is because of the thrilling experience with self-knowledge. The game powerful engagement strategies and without the complications of skill. The ease of access to the game and quick learning of basics of teen patti game makes sure that one can afford it.

What Future does the Teen Patti Games hold in the Market of card Games?

As Indians are accepting more games of skills over games of chances, the interest of online multiplayer gamers are engaging over more online games. The “games of chances” are deemed illegal and prohibited, that’s why the craze for skill games is growing bolder. The games of skills comprise the variety of range of games like fantasy sports and various card games like Rummy, Poker many more. The surge increase in the interest of card players into teen patti has leveled up the business of INR 500 millions, which holds the strong interest of Fortune 500 and startups in teen patti games for India.

So, this was the growth of teen patti games in the indian gaming industry. As it started from the table too be played by millions and grew up as an individual market in its genre. The social teen patti game is most played card game. With such huge and powerful existence, social teen patti game has hidden opportunities in the game industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What variations must be available in the social teen patti game?

A social teen patti game software must have Muflis, Joker, AK47 and High Low.

  • On Which Platform, Teen Patti game mostly played in India?

Teen patti game is available on all mobile platforms like Andorid and iOS as well as desktop too. However, it is played mostly on Android devices.

  • What features must be available in the social teen patti game?

A social teen patti game must have the following features

Multiple variations like Joker, AK47 etc. voice chat, sending/receiving chips through a facebook friend. daily bonus leader board

  • Is any gaming license necessary for social teen patti?

No, there is no gaming license required for social teen patti game.

There are two ways to monetize the social teen patti in India, which are

  • Rewarded Videos (advertisements):-

The easiest implementation, where player sees these videos to get extra coins or boosters. These videos are advertisements and bear no additional charges. Most of the teen patti development companies prefer advertisements, there revenues are generated by such videos. Additionally, these rewarded videos are effective means of revenue for most of the freemium apps.

  • In-app Purchases:-

This way the players visit the in-built stores to purchase the coins to play the teen patti.

A teen patti game software must have all localized languages of India as well as international languages. Basically, they must have Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and Gujarati for India.

  • Is Creatiosoft providing maintenance and support after development?

Yes, Creatiosoft is providing maintenance and support after teen patti game development.

  • Can you arrange a demo for your teen patti game today?

Yes, we can arrange a demo for your teen patti game today itself. You need to fill the form available at Contact Us. We will revert you with mail or call you for your request. Else, you may send an email directly to [email protected].  We are available overcall as well as WhatsApp at +91-8860912115.