The mobile game industry for sure falls in the category of the entertainment industry. This involves the three key roles that have promoted the mobile game industry to such an extent. These key roles are the powerful game engine, game development and publishing company, and expert mobile game developers. All of these three are strongly correlated with each other. 

As the game development engine brings the games on canvas. There the best unity game development brings the best mobile game developers who create mobile games using the engine. And at the end, the game development comes up with the game and then publishes it to release the game to the audience. As the game development industry is managing to expand this much with advancing technologies. So, the technologies are helping the business to generate newer methods to earn revenue through several means. In this article, we are concluding the several means to generate revenue along with the growing online game development industry. 

What Is The Effect Of The Mobile Gaming Industry In The Economy?

At present, the average age of Indian gamers is below 26. This accumulates 60% of the total gamers in India. Ans the reason behind this growing percentage is the availability of the games on mobile devices. Right now, India stands as the prominent gaming market across the globe as per the number of users. With the pandemic rolling, we found the double engagement of users on mobile games. This encouraged mobile game development companies to invest in the mobile gaming industry. 

If we are talking about the player’s investment, the players are agreeably spending more than 10 billion on gaming platforms. At present, the valuation for the Indian gaming industry is around $90 billion. According to a study, there are more than 500 million game users in 2022. By 2025, we are expecting this number to be 700+ million players.

The reason behind this prominent growth of mobile game development in India is the world’s largest youth population. It has embraced the interest of the youth of newer generations in modern gaming solutions. The article further follows the insights into different revenue models for the gaming industry.

What Do You Mean By The Best Game Development And Publishing Companies?

The best mobile game development companies are the organizations that own up their own independent team of android game developers or mobile game developers. The top game development companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Tencent, EA, and Activision Blizzard have their expert game developers as well as self-publishing companies. The companies such as Sony, and Microsoft are prominent hardware companies that deal with both hardware and software.

Whereas the companies like EA, Gameloft, Creatiosoft, and Nagarro are the companies that develop and publish their games. Since these companies don’t have the hardware, thus, they need the platforms to distribute their game across the different platforms. 

For example, EA published one of the most popular games FIFA by distributing it through gaming consoles companies.

Game publishers are such firms that put their resources to release the final game for the audience across the world. Game development companies generally don’t always have the proper resources to develop, release and maintain the game on their own. That’s why the game development companies collaborate with the game publishing companies.

Majorly, game publishing companies need a perfect revenue model to grow their business. Thus, we are going to discuss the multiple revenue models for different platforms.

Let’s take another example of Midtown Madness. This game was one of the most classic racing games. The game development company of this game was Angel Studio and the publishing company was Microsoft.

Different Revenue Models for The Gaming industry

Online video games need a perfect platform to run. At present, there are three popular platforms where modern gamers are enjoying the game. 

Most Popular Gaming Platforms

1. PC

This platform introduces several video games that come up with the free-to-play model. Some of the popular names that belong to the games are Minecraft, Asphalt, etc. These games are freely distributed. Therefore, they have maximized their reach and appeared as global sensations in a small time period.

The Revenue Model for 2d/3d Casual Game Development for PCs

The PCs and laptop devices have direct accessibility to the internet. Using this the players can easily download any game on their devices by excluding any app store or consoles. Thus, it is the most affluential medium to experiment with gameplay engagement to improve the quality of games. 

But how the casino and 3D casual game development company can generate revenue from the game on PCs? Most of the games available for PCs belong to the Fee-to-paly model. Thus, the best 3D games have a wide audience. This makes advertisement the most influential method to generate revenue. Also, one can sell their digital goods on these games and game publishing companies can take their commission and create another source of revenue.

2. Mobile and tablets

The introduction of these mobile platforms actually transformed the gaming experience. The games were exclusively available for the PC at one time. Now, they have better reach with mobile devices.

These games are easily available in the app stores (iOS game development), Google Playstore (android game development), or other app stores. This availability of the app stores actually simplified the distribution plans of games with simple agreements. This step made the availability of such popular games easy. The most crucial condition in such collaboration with these app stores is that the best mobile game development company must follow their distribution logic and terms and conditions. 

Thus, most of the games are freely available with different monetization strategies. The most important point that every top mobile game development company must know is that the earnings from these games get split between the game publishing company and these platforms. 

The Revenue Model for Mobile Game Development Company

There are six major revenue models on which modern game development companies are relying.

Premium games: 

One can easily find these games on app stores or play stores. Such games appear with the price mentioned besides the game installation. This means that the first player needs to pay the amount to purchase the game, only then the players will be able to play them. This revenue model puts the business from the mobile games at risk. But the revenue generation comes up from genuine and loyal game lovers only. Thus, this makes the most effective game model.

Freemium games: 

This revenue model is much similar to the free-to-play model (F2P). It resembles the PC revenue model at some level. As game publishing companies put the games free to some level, now if players want to advance further with the game, then he needs to pay for it. Similar to the premium games, It also raises the risk for business from mobile games. But only genuine game lovers will like to spend money on the game and raise business for the publishing company. 

At present several casino game development companies and poker game development companies are relying on this model. As they are able to target the core casino and card game players.

Ad-Supported games: 

This revenue model presents the advertisements in the game. This is the most commonly used method where players can earn boosters or revive the game by watching the advertisements. This invites third parties to the game to promote their products or services.

The best casual game development company can introduce the banner, and advertisement videos and charge these third-party vendors for promoting the products. This model is carried by most game publishing companies. As they are able to lure more gamers and improve the popularity of their games. 

Hybrid model games: 

This revenue model is a mixture of in-app purchases and Advertisements. After the advertisement model, the hybrid model is the most preferred model to generate revenue from games.  As newbie gaming companies are adopting the advertisement model. However, popular game publishing and best mobile game development companies are adopting the hybrid model. Here, the mobile game developers provide a feature to the player to get rid of the advertisements by paying a certain amount. 

In case, the player has paid any amount for in-app purchases too. Then also, he will get rid of advertisements. In any scenario, this is helping the mobile game development company only.

Crowdsourcing model: 

The game publishing companies can share or crowdsource the information from the gamers. For this, the best mobile game app development company already has the consent and agreement of the players. While signing up with the game, the gaming app asks the user to agree to the terms and conditions of the gaming app.

Thus, the best casual game development company can sell this information to anyone who needs it.

Blockchain-based games: 

This is the talk of the town. As this model is helping the players to not only engage with the games but also invest with cryptocurrency and NFT tokens. Such blockchain game development relies majorly on Play to earn model. With this game model, the NFT game development company introduces a decentralized system for the game. This system generates more information and saves their currency to use in the future also.

3. Gaming consoles: 

Consoles are one of the most conventional gaming platforms. The game publishing companies trust these devices for their exclusive core gamers. At present, there are more than millions of gamers who are enjoying the games over consoles. The game publishing companies who want to release their games for consoles must need to have licensing and distribution agreements with the console companies. The most popular console brands are 

  • PlayStation by Sony, 
  • Xbox by Microsoft, and 
  • Nintendo

The latest laptops with Microsoft windows are coming up with Xbox passes to promote their gaming avenues by attracting new gamers to the industry. 

The Revenue Model for Console Games

Generally, the best 3D game development companies are selling their games directly to these consoles to generate revenue from console-based games. As EA wants to distribute its game FIFA to PlayStation’s wide audience. Then, it will be signing an agreement with Sony (exclusive owner of Playstation). Then, Sony will distribute the games or release the physical copies for sale. And hence, FIFA can be played only on Playstation consoles only. Now, EA receives a fair share of the profit margins from Playstation. That’s how the 3D game development companies receive their revenue from this conventional yet popular platform. 

Bonus Point:- Advanced Revenue model for the games.

The games are not just rising on the above platforms. With the rise in internet usage, games are thriving on the web also. This is actually slowing the business of console gaming by a slight margin. As these console games are freely available on the web with a free-to-play model. Now the game publishing companies can generate revenue by relying on the streaming method.


With the advanced technology, now the gaming industry is relying on this model to stream games on online platforms. The most popular streaming platforms are twitch, youtube, Facebook, etc.

WOSP is a popular poker game event. Recently, the game has actually encouraged new players to try their luck by learning about the game through this stream only. Using this streaming model, several brands are coming up to sponsor these gaming sessions. As an interesting factor, this streaming model fits the games of all platforms.

Now, we are wrapping this article with the point, that one can use these models on the basis of their preferred platform. This can actually help the best game publishing and game development companies in drafting a well-planned revenue model for their games.

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