As iPad, iPhone and Android app store is booming nowadays. Windows has also started it’s market place to show their apps at one place. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace might have recently hit 70,000 apps. They need more apps if they want to catch up the Android and iOS Market.

Android Market is really a good appstore with handful of trendy and new apps. But, users mainly developers are facing inherent fragmentation problem in Android. The Android platform is very staggered between builds and that makes it difficult for developers to make an app that works on all versions of Android. But this problem is not limited to Android only, it has extended it’s reach to even Windows. As windows is releasing it’s WP8 to 2012. Therefore, this will leave developers stuck between two different versions of Window Phone.

Although, less number of apps in Windows Marketplace has reduced the level of competition in Windows app developers. Microsoft has revealed some marketing strategies for Windows apps in Marketplace :














Source: ZDNET

So, above picture displays Microsoft strategies to promote. But inspite of that, every developer or marketer should work hard to promote their apps. There are plenty of ways to promote your app like promote it on forums, blogs and anywhere where you are allowed to do so. Don’t forget to make it viral on social media like facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest etc.

Although, marketing plays a vital role in success of any app, but inspite of that you must work hard on the quality, creative idea and development part. Because marketing can only introduce you and your app in the marketplace but it can’t make you run in a long run.