Since the increase in the usage of the internet from smart mobile phones as compared to desktops, the HTML5 game development is now in higher regard. Its ability to be compatible enough to run in almost any type of environment, the susceptibility and availability of players for online games makes this genre grow quite wider. Today around 70% share of the mobile game development industry belongs to HTML5 games. There is a surge increase in the preference for HTML5 game development for expert game developers.

The web-browsers are becoming the new destination for newer huge game app development as software poker game to web instead of native desktop or mobile apps. As the performance of browsers improves, the day is not that far to see the AAA games on our web browsers with the help of the best HTML5 game development company. This will improve the availability of these games on any platform as long as the browser supports them.

Over the years, some of the most popular mobile games variants such as poker game development, card game development, casual games have adopted HTML5 game development. The reason behind this wide scale of adoption is not just the flexibility for developers and players but simplified monetization platforms to make a smooth journey for mobile game developers.

Why HTML5 is the Future in Game Development?

What are The Advantages of Adopting HTML5 Game Development?

The HTML5 game development basically focuses on the idea of introducing a better browsing experience with entertaining elements. The game developers are at ease after the reduced dependency on the plugin, bringing a similar experience to the player irrespective of devices in use as well as bring a more transparent HTML5 game development process. Another advantage of HTML5 game development is the inclusion of new tags, which helped HTML5 game developers to create amazing animations and smooth transitions effects in video games.

The other advantages are mentioned in following

Minimal resources for great HTML5 game development

One of the most important advantages of HTML5 game development is that it does not depend upon several resources to run. Although it is available for online space, HTML5 is a tool that brings major scope for massive improvements with the performance and speed of game loading and execution. The faster loading of game and improved optimized performance is the major advantage for players.

Things are simplified with HTML5 game development

Several game developers prefer HTML5 as this gaming markup language s familiar to all, easy to learn and work with. This makes the. Because many HTML5 game developers already know about this markup language which makes the entire process of HTML5 game development is faster and less costly.

proposes an efficient monetization

With HTML5 game development, there are several monetization strategies to bring the various channels to make better revenue from the HTML5 based mobile games Some of the most common methods are ads, paid subscriptions, freemium models and the most effective method is in-app purchases. HTML5 game development ensures the success rate of 70% to the reward system of video ads as the top and effective successful mobile game monetization methods. HTML5 game development has been incorporated with several services rendering the reward video ads as a promising method of generating revenue.

HTML5 game updates are the simplest upgradation.

For native app development, introducing the updates involves several tasks but with HTML5 game development, the HTML5 game development company in India looks for the only one thing which is internet access. They need to deploy the updates on the URL of the game using advanced plugins. People are preferring HTML5 game development dues to its ability to update gaming applications remotely. Updates are carried automatically, and the process is less time-consuming. Precisely, players don’t need to make and install any updated versions of the game unlike in native gaming apps.

Why HTML5 is the Future in Game Development?

Why HTML5 is the Future of Game Development Company in India?

HTML5 game development is going to be the future of game development due to the several advantages they offer to players and expert game developers of the best HTML5 game development company in Noida. Several game developers and game development companies in Noida, India are thinking that HTML5 game development will be sooner or after a grand and seasoned platform, possessing all features that sum up all engaging elements required in game development. It will bring a bunch of exciting and innovative games that could be played directly using the browser. Though we are still exploring the challenges and unforeseen thongs about HTML5 game developments where we are sure that its advantages more hold the power to overshadow these disadvantages.

If want to hire the best game development company in Delhi, India, then Creatiosoft is your one-stop solution as the best HTML5 game development company in India with our expert HTML5 game developers are well trained and experienced in HTML5 game development services for more than 8+ years. If you want any HTML5 game development services including deployment, game testing services, monetizing, etc., You can contact our experts through the form on the contact us or write an email on [email protected]. You may WhatsApp us as well at +91-8860912115.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can HTML5 be used to create real-time multiplayer games?

Yes, We can make real-time and networked games (multiplayer game) using HTML5 game engine like Cocos2DJS, Phaser etc.

2. Can you develop social games using HTML5?

Yes, we can and we have developed various social games like 3 matching, Puzzle games using HTML5 engine.

3. What genres of HTML5 game development services you offer?

We offer variety of HTML5 game development services which comprises of casual games, Casino Game Development (Slots), Card Game Development (Poker, Rummy etc) & many more.

4. Which framework you prefer for HTML5 Game Development?

We have wide range of expertise who work on framework Phaser, PixiJS & Cocos2dJS.

5. What technologies you prefer to do multiplayer game development?

We prefer using Cocos2D, PixiJS, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS & MongoDB for HTML5 game development.

6. How to contact the Playmoogley for HTML5 game development project?

You can discuss your HTML5 game idea with us. You can talk it over a phone call or whatsapp at +91-8860912115 or send an email directly to [email protected]. Else you may fill the contact us form.

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