What we are doing?

1. ASO

2. Posting applications on forums and blogs

3. Active on Social Networking Sites

What else we can do or What can help us ?

Current Market Trend:

Most common activities by smartphone users:

  • SMS / text messaging – 90%
  • Maps – 72%
  • Surfing while traveling – 70%
  • Surfing while in a restaurant – 64%
  • While in a store – 63%

Most common activities by tablet users:

  • Web browsing – 88%
  • Email – 84%
  • Playing games – 72%
  • Watching videos – 52%

Source: http://ansonalex.com/infographics/smartphone-usage-statistics-and-trends-2013-infographic/

1. Analysis of market

  • Mobile and smartphone usage is most prevalent in the morning and evening. –> sms marketing or email marketing
  • From October 2010 to October 2012, email open rates on smartphones increased by 300%.
  • Mobile email creates twice as many conversions as social and search. —> Email Marketing
  • The average price of an order placed from a mobile device is higher than the average order from a tablet or desktop. –> Utility apps
  • Mobile and smartphone usage is higher Thursday – Monday than on Tuesday or Wednesday. —> Target Days

Source: http://ansonalex.com/infographics/smartphone-usage-statistics-and-trends-2013-infographic/

2. Active on others technical Forums and blogs (Graphics & development)

Development Forums

  • Android Community
  • Android Forums
  • XDA Developers
  • Android Central
  • Talk Android Forum
  • And Dev Forum

Designing Forums:

  • GDF
  • HOWDesign
  • Estetica
  • All Graphic Design
  • UCreative Forum

3. Get featured on various app review sites (depends on budget & quality of application):







4. Active on other countries app storesand top rated app stores!!

Popular app stores:

  • SlideMe
  •  AppsLib
  •  Appoke
  • Mobango etc

Chineses App Stores:

  • Baidu App Store
  • Tencent App Gem
  • Wandoujia etc

5. Most Important: Motivate your friends to rate & review our app



1. Analyze market before you develop

source: http://mashable.com/2013/02/26/smartphone-users-giving-up-mobile-apps/

2. If developed already??

  • Consider locations where the app is most downloaded like “Run Panda Run” (Trending in Russia)
  • Submit apps in that particular location top app stores e.g.

source: http://mashable.com/2013/02/26/smartphone-users-giving-up-mobile-apps/

Check Market trend for themes and development:

  • Characters (if we are targeting China then try to have characters like that only)
  • Features (Powerups according to location)

4. Try to develop error free coding with proper testing : This will help in attaining users for long term as user will check your reviews and ratings before downloading an app.