Recently, we are seeing a rise in the job posts for SETs i.e., “Software Engineer in Tests”. Still, we are wondering who are SDETs and what role they play in software testing What is the use of SDET resourcing services? The term SDET is a job profile for the professional who regulates the entire testing process. This job profile is actually an invention of Microsoft. It stands for “Software Design Engineer in Test” also known as “Software Developer Engineer in Test”. These SDET professionals have gained immense popularity amongst the tech giants. Though today, Microsoft has dropped this job title it is still there in companies like Amazon and Google. 

In the last two years, you can find a growing number of “SDET” searches on Google.

How big is the demand for SDET?

How Big is the Demand for SDET?

Since the time we are seeing the involvement of new practices such as Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Testing, the importance of SDET engineers is also on the rise. With SDET resources we are receiving more quick feedback by increasing the need to run more tests. Also, most companies are implementing shifting left in their software development lifecycle to get a faster response time.

Let’s get to know who are SDETs to learn about their growing future scope.

Who Are SDETs?

SDETs are indeed Quality Assurance Engineers. They can be performing manual testing, and automation testing and don’t have an active role in feature or functionality development. An SDET is generally involved in test-friendly code development to prepare the scripts for test cases or prepare the automation process. It basically impacts the overall manual efforts for software testing as a whole.

SDETs are an integral part of an agile software development team that works with software developers to automate the user acceptance criteria in user stories. Though SDETs cannot do unit testing they can review unite test cases. The software developers write such automated integration tests, and API or UI automation tests.

Why SDETs Resourcing are Needed?

In the process of product development, we need to ensure that the core features of the product must be functioning on every product release. When software developers add new functionality in the sprint then, the testing will happen on both new features and the existing functionality. 

As agile methodology has fast and rapid processes. These short sprints are generally 2 week-long where software testers don’t have enough time to do the entire software testing manually. Also, the team of software testers doesn’t necessarily have the skills to write the scripts for automation testing. There, the software testing becomes the blockage on the roadway to the software development due to the manual efforts. Ultimately, this becomes a challenge to release the software on time.

Thus, SDET resources services play an important role in optimizing the software testing process in an agile team. They can alleviate the burdens by automating the manual testing tasks.

What Are The Responsibilities of An SDET?

We acknowledge the growing importance of SDET in an organization. That’s why we have listed the key role and responsibilities of an SDET expert in the following points.

  • Knows how to perform automation testing by creating scalable and robust tests for both functional and performance testing.
  • Must have the ability to provide technical support by addressing the queries and reviews of the users.
  • Ensures that the product development must follow the flow of code and interacts with every distinct component as expected.
  • Must have the ability to perform high-class debugging and prepare bug reports.
  • Establish the framework for automation testing and run the code on them across several test environments and acceptance tests.
  • Plans and executes the functional flows, test elements, and product designs.
  • Researches the latest trends and technologies and develops the test tools to create the test environments and tools to constantly render better quality products.

Departments That Have A High Demand For SDETs

The SDET professionals are the experts who adapt well to new methodologies and technology. That’s why they are playing an important part in the following industry.

  • IT
  • Gaming
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Hospitality

What is the Scope of SDETs in the Future?

Undoubtedly, the traditional method of testing, i.e., manual testing is now going missing. Today, businesses are looking for more intervention in artificial intelligence and advanced technologies. Thus, they are preferring hybrid roles such as SDETs. 

Several business giants are looking for methods for faster development and quick delivery. Well, this doesn’t seem compatible with manual testing processes. However, we cannot eliminate the entire manual testing process and SDET resourcing services. As the software needs to develop before any testing process. Thus, the QA experts cannot write good scripts for test automation before seeing any kind of end product.

SDET resources are creating and managing the testing framework to test all the existing functionalities. As SDETs are working as a standalone team where they can build, deploy, run & manage the application individually. They are also involved incomplete software complete software development lifecycle. This helps them to find out and understand more of the use-cases and end-user scenarios. SDETs definitely hold the edge to outperform all the requirements and prove themselves as the most valuable asset to the engineering platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between SDET and QA tester?

An SDET professional is the person who is involved in a project from its initiation phase and thus, it can help us in automating the testing process. The SDET is a software developer in role indeed. Whereas, a QA Engineer is an expert who has full-fledged knowledge about several testing processes and methodologies.

2. Are automation and SDET are same?

A QA automation engineer possesses both programming skills as well as the logic of a software tester. Such professionals play an active role in the full software release cycle. Whereas the SDET resources are the interchangeable role with the automated tester’s role as a standalone position.

3. Is SDET a developer?

In simple language, An SDET is a developer who is responsible for writing code to test the code of the product instead of being involved in the product development. SDET resourcing services are also responsible to write, test, and fix the provided code of the product.

4. What Are The Skills Required for SDET?

An SDET professional must possess both skill sets.

Technical skills of an SDET
  • Programming Skills:– Must have knowledge of Automation, Agile, and DevOps. Must be aware of the software designing and testing methodology.
  • Programming Language:- Proficient with C#, .NET, JAVA, or other programming languages.
  • Must have the experience to work on several test methods and tools like MS Unit, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, NUnit, etc.
  • Exposure to BDD – Behavior Driven Development means the development of software with an agile process that encourages collaboration among developers, QA, and non-technical or business participants in a software project.
  • Must have the ability to spot bottlenecks and risks.
  • Must Understand the concept of OOD – Object-Oriented Design.
Non-technical skills of an SDET
  • Must have organization and time management skills.
  • Best with Communication Skills.
  • Must update attitude with up-gradation of skills.

5. How to contact Creatiosoft for SDET Resourcing services?

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