The love for online card games in the world that goes way back to the past. They have always been the part of our celebrations, festivals and traditions as they have captured the eyes of millions.

We have witnessed the various variants have emerged since the card game developers gave the thought of experimenting. These online card games are proven challenge not just a challenge for player but also for card game development company, who are responsible to turn the visionary games into reality of card game development. Their ways to transform the visionary card game app with their creative and technical skills at every stage of card game development process. They are keenly dedicated to create best card game app for your mobile phones and internet browsers. The variety of card games development process which includes Poker, Rummy, Black Jack , UNO etc are made possible to the online by them only. The single player game, multiplayer card game development process is also a part to be carried in the card game development process for mobile and web browsers.

The Card games are not just for fun sake but also keeps you refresh, innovative and motivated to keep you engaged and entertained. A skilled and well curated card game development company has always been impressing the gaming world with their innovative and easy gameplay themes, high quality graphics and game development approach.


Top Most Popular Card Games

The Growing Market of Card Games

The card game industry is always increasing span for the number of players. The Reports and Stats are already suggesting that the Card Games segment will have the revenue around US$6 billion in 2020. This market is expected to grow by 11% per annum. By 2025, the worldwide global revenue collection is expected to be USD 22 billion. This information tells us how card games are becoming a source of generating revenue to the world and trade the world with growing gaming industry.

What Game engine can be used for Card Game Development?

The game engines are the tools which are responsible for the development of any game. For any card game development, like creating Poker app; most of the game development companies are preferring Unity3D and Cocos2D game engines.


Unity3D is the most considered game engine to create poker app, rummy software and other similar card game apps. It creates and drafts the 2D/3D card games with smooth direction, aesthetics and swift movement of cards.

The best principle that Unity follows is ‘Build Once and Use on All platforms’, with its free and Paid collection of game assets. The best Poker development companies are hiring Unity3D developers to create poker app build to be ported on major mobile platforms.


Cocos2D is another strong 2D mobile game development framework to create the best cad games like solitaire, Poker, Uno and others. It is considered for its lighter build which sizes maximum 10.0 MB only. An Cocos2D Mobile game developer can easily make the game for other cross-platforms which exactly suitable for the Android, iOS and Mac platforms.

What is Real Money or Virtual Money Card Games?

In Real Money: In real-money gaming, players are needed to deposit in the game using the real currency. So let’s say if player is depositing USD 100 in any real money casino games, he will get USD 100 to wager into a online casino games. If player will win the money by playing casino game, player can take a withdrawal to bank account.

In Virtual: In virtual-money gaming, player need to deposit a money through In App Purchase. Social casino game development company are offering multiple In App Purchase bundle in a game to retain a players. In Virtual money if you deposit USD 100, there is good chance you will get virtual currency more then what players deposited. If player will win the virtual money in a game, they can’t be withdrawal like a example online social poker game apps.

The Poker creator ensure the safe transactions for real money by integrating trusted and reliable payment gateways.

What are the Top Most Played Card Games by 2020?

Top Most Popular Card Games


Inevitably, online poker game is the perfect layout for the skill and strategy. The card hands, and flop are the master to decide the winner. The poker game developers know the likeability and fondness of the Poker very well.

The players are liking those poker apps or software which have

  • Interactive chat sessions during game.
  • Swift movement of cards
  • Multiple variants of poker with various betting tables
  • Exciting gifts or add-on gifts to the players
  • Multiple language supports and many more
  • Multiplayer gameplay

Thus, the poker development companies should prefer these features while creating Poker apps to encourage more players to come and enjoy the game.

Top Most Popular Card Games


It is considered as another oldest stream of Indian card games. All it takes for the players to arrange the cards into sequences and sets. The one who sets them perfectly first; is declared as Winner. This simple yet unique game of Rummy has captured the attention of millions already. Stats tell us that around 6 million players play Rummy all over the world using website, apps and other popular platforms.

The players are liking those online Rummy app or software which have Features as

  • Multiplayer Options with 13 card Game
  • Arrange Valid Sequence and form set of Cards
  • Earn Free Chips and add on bonuses
  • Incredible Graphics and audio effects
  • Smooth and secure transaction
  • Interactive chat session

These features help you stand out in the market while creating Rummy app with best rummy game developers.


Top Most Popular Card Games


Blackjack card game is one of the challenging and popular game which is known for its enthralling gaming experience. This game is also known as 21 where players get to cards and one of them is face-up and other one is face-down. Players need to place the bet and set a limit and share the minimum and maximum bets. The players with best hand will win the bet in this game.

The players are liking those online Blackjack game or software which have Features as

  • Fast-paced Functionality
  • Multiple chances
  • Incredible Graphics and audio effects
  • Interactive chat session

By the time, Blackjack has garnered huge popularity in USA, UK and Russia. The card game developers are trying to bring various variations to the game to bring the game perfectly fit for the player.

Top Most Popular Card Games


The game which gain huge popularity when its purpose was to accustom the players with mouse usage on computers like how to click, how to drag and how to release? The objective of the game is to place all the cards into different four suit decks in the order of ACE to KING arrangement.

The card game developers are leveraging the best usage of UNITY3D, COCOS2D and HTML5 gaming frameworks to bring the best solitaire solutions.

Top Most Popular Card Games


One of the latest and popular game which is another innovation done by the expert card game developers is UNO. This game is easy to learn, and easy to play. The objective of the game is that players need to empty his hand and the one who did this first wins the game.

The players are preferring those online UNO games which are having the features as

  • Cards of different colours with special cards.
  • Swift animation of dealing the 7 cards.
  • Incredible Graphics and audio effects
  • Interactive chat session
  • The experimenting and function able call out actions buttons.

The game is very popular among the kids as well as adults. They find this casual card games very intriguing as entertaining because of their special cards like 4+, 2+, exchange, Reverse, Skip and many more.

Top Most Popular Card Games

How to Monetize the Card Game Apps?

Monetization of the card games is also necessary for revenue generation. Here, following are the key methods that can help online card game developers or publishers to monetize the mobile card games and increase revenues.

1.Full Screen Ads

These ads usually cover the whole device screen. Currently, Full screens ads are out dated because of low level engagement by a player’s.

2. Video Ads

These ads are generally rewarded videos which provides some in-game coins to the user on watching a video ad. Video ads are one of the best monetization technique which every mobile game development company follow because player always feels, game development company are incentivizing if they are seeing video ads through the in-game coins.

3 In App Purchase

Players get easily annoyed with these cover banners and advertisements every time. They end their game or leave the table of poker or rummy in the mid way. This option can be very helpful by asking them to remove the ad by doing any in-app purchases or simply paying $0.99.

In -App purchases for card games, players will run out of the virtual chips. Thus, there they would like to get more chips which they can buy from the in App stores and extend their game to play for more time. This is the most efficient way for revenue generation for card games.

These card games are at the front of ruling the gaming world. The game is again popular not because of its exercising methodology with skill and strategy but the trust and fair play of the game in online version is urging the players to come up and play more card games.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the gaming solution you offer in your card game genre?

We provide the Poker game, Blackjack, Rummy, solitaire, Uno, Seep, Spider and many more card games in our card gaming solution.

2. What technologies you prefer to do multiplayer card game development?

We prefer using Unity, Cocos2D, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS & MongoDB for card game development.

3. Can you arrange a demo for your card games solution today?

Yes, we can arrange a demo for your card games by today.

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