We have witnessed the unusual growth of hyper casual games over the past year. Since the evolution of App Stores, we have seen hard-core, casual and mid-core games skyrocket the mobile space and now these hyper-casual games are ruling the billboards amidst the casual games. We have found that the market for hyper casual games earns the revenue range from $2 billion to $2.5 billion annually. But what are hyper-casual games? What is the impact of hyper casual games in the gaming and game development industries. How this genre has risen with this popularity?

What are Hyper Casual Games?

These games are hyper casual as they are just casual games not only hyper, as they are easy to learn and play. They are hyper addictive, easy to learn and play, within very lesser time and attention required.

Such games generally have spontaneous mechanics which can remain constant throughout the gameplay. This is the reason why these casual mobile games are gaining popularity as hyper casual mobile games.

What is the History Behind the Hyper Casual Games?

There was a time when gaming consoles were huge to handle, were expensive and rarely found. This was the major challenge for the gamer and game industry That is why with strong evolution of mobile devices which are now being the most easiest and playable devices, hyper casual games ensured their success with existence.

How Hyper-Casual Games Have Gained the Popularity?

From the recent years, the game have advanced the gaming businesses. Casual mobile games app are such popular with collecting $100 billions annually. The hyper casual mobile game development companies have gained huge businesses by developing such hyper casual mobile game apps. By upcoming years of early decade, we will see the impressive accumulation of revenues.

The mobile games are such driving force behind such growing curve in the graph of whole industry, and hyper casual mobile games are one of the such reason for the growth of mobile game industries.

What is the Reason Behind such a huge Engaging and Overwhelming Response?

The only reason behind such rise in numbers of downloads and engagement is the the hyper casual games mechanics Though, these games are very easy to learn thus, once they get habituated and comfortable with the casual mechanic, their game play become increasingly challenging and addictive.

What are the Features of Hyper Casual Mobile Games?

Hyper Casual games often include some of the following attributes

  • Single Core mechanics
  • Focus intensive with minimalist UX.
  • Simple beautiful design, often 2D flat design, simple colour pallet
  • With easy game loop as Tap to play anywhere
  • Highly repeatable gaming process.
  • With Tap to play approach
  • with Ads have higher rates of revenue returns.

How can you monetize the hyper casual mobile games?

Every business revolves around the revenue, thus its very necessary to know how to generate revenue with major profit stakes among the hyper casual mobile game development companies.

  • The reward videos (advertisements):- The easiest implementation, where player sees these rewards videos to get extra coins or boosters. This is advertisements and bears no additional charges.
  • In App Purchases This is the most easiest step to cover the revenues for both premium and freemium mobile game apps, where players are allowed to buy the boosters at a cost from the in app store.
  • Premium Apps:- This is another popular step which is risky but results huge benefits. There the mobile game app is available for free but its major and profiting features are available at a cost.

Applying these three monetization strategies, hyper casual game development companies are gaining revenues at such large scale.

With huge expertise in game development, there is the major responsibility to make your highly engaging and interactive which push the players to return, play and pay for our hypercasual mobile games.