Unity an integrated authorized tool creates 3D video games and other interactive content like architectural visualization or real- time 3D animations. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and now coming on Linux also. Best part of this game engine is that it’s games can run on Mac, PlayStation3, iPad, iPhone as well as on Android platform. It can even produce games that can be played on browser if web player plugin is installed.

Unity supports the creation of almost any game which every new developer dreams to make like Browser-based MMOGs,  Side-scrollers,  First-person shooters, Racing games, Third-person shooters, Roleplaying games, Real-time strategy games  etc.

Some of it’s amazing features are:

  • Unity is an integrated graphical environment which is used as the primary method of development similar to Director, Virtools, Torque Game Builder and Blender Game Engine
  • Unity can export games to Adobe Stage 3D functionality in Flash, but certain features that the web player supports are not usable due to limitations in Flash.
  • Today, around 500,000 game developers use Unity 3D as a Gaming Engine.
  • Unity is known for developing/designing content as well as a game engine.
  • It’s time , effort and cost of making games are less due to it’s intuitive workspace, complete toolset and rapid, productive workflows.

Anyone who meets the terms of the license agreement can use Unity to create, publish and sell games for desktop computers and the web at no cost. 

Very Soon Unity 4 will be announced with it’s  new addition lile the Mecanim character animation system, DirectX 11 support, “hypermodern” mobile graphics, and the introduction of Linux and Adobe Flash as new publishing platforms.

Enjoy Unity Updated versions !! 🙂