As year 2012 passed and 2013 arrived, mobile world is overflowing with new upcoming Smart phones, which are not only feature affluent but also have brought lot of changes in size and compatibility.
We got many smart phones in 2012 like Iphone5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia lumia series etc., and every phone has a new exciting feature different from models of 2011 like some were having good HD camera, fast processors, amazing designs while some were designed on latest operating system. So, year 2012 was full of excitement and surprises due to astonishing features and designs of smartphones.
In the article, we will discuss expected upcoming of Smartphone:


After the release of Iphone5, Apple is planning to launch its next Phone, which is Iphone5s and is expected to launch in the mid of 2013 and expected to be having IOS 7.
Furthermore, records show that every entry of series of Apple’s smartphone has been wildly popular and has lavished with praise from fans and critics. Hence, it is sure that next Iphone is going to be more attractive than its current version.

Samsung Galaxy S4: 

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a big hit of 2012 and gave a tough competitor to the iPhone. After the stunning success of Samsung Galaxy S3, the rumors of Galaxy S4 are gaining momentum. So, it becomes obvious that people are expecting big from its successor- the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although, Samsung has not officially announced any features of the upcoming phone, so all we know through various sources can be rumors.
Some features, which are expected:
• Inclusion of metal chassis just like iPhone5
• The device is expected to arrive with a 1080p 5-inch HD display (440ppi), 3GB of RAM, 32/64GB of internal memory, ARM Cortex A15 quad-core processor
• Many buyers are hoping that the phone may offer the S-Pen, seen in the Note 2


Nokia Lumia 820:

New Nokia Lumia Windows 8 looks to make a run as one of the best Smartphone in 2013. Nokia has a lot depending on the success of these handsets; aggressive marketing campaign prior to the release is expected. It offers exchangeable covers in a range of colours with the option of wireless charging, a sensitive touch screen and Nokia Clear Black display technology. The Lumia handsets come with the full suite of Nokia navigation applications, including Nokia City Lens and Nokia Music that streams unlimited music directly to the phone. The release of the phone is expected in the mid of 2013.
Get the detailed specifications for the Nokia Lumia 820 @…fications/

Let’s wait till we see our list of the upcoming smartphones for 2013 – but one thing is for sure and that is, they are going to knock our socks off!!