The mobile marketplace for apps is booming..According to current statistics Mobile app market has grown 200% from the year 2001..Every hour new mobile users are increasing at a very vast rate. The mobile marketplace is teeming with competing apps. But there still is tremendous opportunity for scoring big—if you have a great idea. After developing great app marketing plays a vital role in success of any app. There are million and billion of app developers which develop enormously good apps which results in release of new app in Mobile Market every week. With total application downloads from Apple’s iTunes app store topping three billion, and monthly sales of upwards of $200 million.. Today, in this blog we will discuss on Success Secret for App Marketing in terms of audience.

Target Right Audience:

Marketing your product is a big challenge, for marketing prime and most important factor is Target Right Audience. Mobile app users are divided in two categories:

  • Users availing Free apps + Adds
  • Users availing Paid apps














Above picture displays that there are usually two kinds of users: free and paid.

Paid and free users exists in every country but there number varies from country to country like if we talk about India then it is around 80 -90 % users are free..5 – 10 % users prefer paid apps while if we talk about US then number changes for paid apps from 30 – 40 %.. So, to target right audience is really very important factor for any marketer.

According to current statistics:

Top Five Smartphone Markets and Market Share for 2011, 2012, and 2016 (based on shipments)

Market Share
Market Share
Market Share
2011 – 2016
United Kingdom5.3%4.5%3.6%11.5%
Rest of World51.1%46.4%46.0%18.1%

Source: TechCrunch, IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, 2012 Q2 Forecast Release, August 30 2012

Always try to target both audience in order to achieve success in Mobile app world.

If I would sum up the blog then whole process revolves around 3 question:

What is your product or service? Who will buy it? How can you reach your potential consumers?

So, try to find answers of the above 3 question to become a successful marketer or successful app developer.

Apart from that,  Use Powerful Marketing Medium like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. to make your creation viral.