Social Media is changing the way we interact with our friends and family and due to this it is becoming popular at a very fast rate. As success of social media is increasing, number of social media networks are also increasing. Nowadays, even a school going kid, teenager, working people, housewives or even old people, are connecting at social media to their friends and loved ones rather than talking on mobile or emails.

Popularity of social media is not only because of it’s use but due to it’s advancement also. Everyday, new social media channel is attracting million and billion of users and every day millions of users are joining network to link to their friends. As times changed new and enhanced social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have overtaken the previous Bebo and Myspace sites in popularity, size and business potential.

Due to social network sites gone are the days where you lose touch with someone for years. This phenomenon is giving people all over the world the chance to reconnect whenever and wherever they are. Through Social Media Networks like facebook, twitter, pinterest, googleplus, Linkedin, youtube and many more people are getting their friends update and are getting what they are going through. Now we don’t set reminders for our friends special occasion, we just login one of our social media network and wish our friend on his/her wall. Even the person who is celebrating the special occasion, just wakes up in the morning and checks his wall post to check the number of comments he got on his/her B’day or Anniversary. And the first thing which we all do as we wind up the occasion is just upload the events picture so that we can get hundreds of likes and comments. All these things show the popularity and success of social media.

As we all know how popular is social media, but now habit of online has converted into need. Whether we want food, dress, mobile, accessories or anything, we prefer online shopping rather than visiting to 10 shops and then selecting one. As it saves our 1) time and sometimes money also. 2) and we get huge variety in just 15- 30 minutes by just scrolling around the products with the best selling price.

As social media helps in marketing of shoes, dresses,mobile etc it hellps you a lot in “Marketing of your Mobile App”. Being a developer and marketer, everyone want to have their app downloads more and more, but due to heavy competition and lot of challenges many of us fail. But smart work and proper use of social network can help us in marketing our app. With it looking like social networking sites are not going away anytime soon, there are tremendous possibilities and opportunities for the marketers too, if they capitalise on this worldwide trend. Based on my experience and analysis, I summarized some points like:


  1. Correct Selection of Social Media Network: There are plenty of social media network all around and every week new social media network adds to the competition. Recently, Facebook announced it’s success by showing 1 billion users. Inspite of choosing social Media Network due to its popularity try to analyze before choosing networks for our business. Successful Marketer knows which network is good for his business. Like Pinterest is all about images, fashion and trends..So if your product falls in any one of the category, it would be good place for you to market your product.
  2. How to use the selected network so that it benefits our business: Once you have chosen the network, second step is to know how to use it for your business….This is the point where the difference lies in good marketing and average one. You should be aware of all the good features and points of the social network like using a image in your post increases virality of your post to 40- 50 % in Facebook, twitter and googleplus.
  3. Share useful & eye candy content and solve problems: Build a connection between your audience, just promoting your app every time creates disinterest in users. Try to post something interesting rather than just promoting your app like others good apps, or if you can contribute in any latest and popular news which can be useful for your audience then don’t hesitate to post that, it builds strong bond and trust between you and your audience.

Apart from the above points try to develop good app which should be on fresh and interesting idea. Good Marketing can sell your some products but not all.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog!!