Today”s one of the most popular services in mobile world is ASO i.e. App Store Optimization. ASO is similar to SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. It is all about taking your mobile apps rank high in the app store/market and, once your app is found in first five pages of the market your 40% of work of ASO gets completed. But don”t forget that your app must be appealing and relevant to searchers.

ASO in itself is a big topic and includes many basic ASO tips or mechanics which you can follow to set up your app in the App store. So, In this post, we will take a look at one of the critical marketing elements of your product in the app store – your App Name

Your App Name is the heart of your Product Band. It is essential that your app name should be creative, thoughtful and enticing. It should be a perfect picture or should definitely indicate your app. User should get the perfect picture of the app after reading title only. If you use the keywords which are most searchable in the title of your app then it will be like “icing on the cake”.

For search discovery the name of your app is one of the strongest areas search engines both within the and outside the store. So, it is important to think about what the user will search for so that your app comes in top five names.

Here are some tips for selecting a name which is optimized to market your app:

  1. Select a name that has something to do with the core offerings of your app – don’t be afraid to state the obvious here.
  2. Try to be creative but don’t sacrifice your clarity for cleverness
  3. Always try to think as a user and try to Identify keywords for your app and figure out what they would search for and try to include some of these keywords in your app name.
  4. Have a look to your direct competitors before naming and understand the format and keywords used in their app titles and learn from them.
  5. You can even utilize a two part name, separated by a dash or a colon to free up room to use keywords.

So let”s take a example step wise to make our discussion more explanatory:

Checking for Abstract Super Cool Go Locker:

Step 1: If we type the keyword “Abstract” in search option of Android Market then it will show the result in following manner:













Result: Abstract Super Cool Go Locker is on the third position in the Android Market for Abstract keyword.

Step2: If we type the keyword “Abstract Go locker”, then “Abstract Super Cool Go Locker” will be shown on the first position. Like this:












You can check this at:

So you can see from the above example that how important role does a title plays in ASO. But ,along with this quality content and quality app is central to successful ASO.