Application to scan QR and Bar codes

In the few years, the number of smart phone users is gradually increased. They expect different applications which allow them to explore many things. To satisfy those people, many applications are being developed and launched in the market.
Though there are many applications, the number of tools for scanning QR / bar codes is very less. As the applications developers, we have launched the new smart phone application for the accurate scanning of QR and bar codes.
Before few years, some devices were being used to scan bar codes and they are generally available in the big retail shops. Similarly in the past days, if a company want to promote their products, they will have to advertise it in the television and the other sources. Even if they have given the complete information about the product in the online site, people were not able to find the right site.
To make this process easy, now the product manufacturers and other similar business people are creating different QR codes. When people are scanning the code through the QR / bar code app, they will be directly taken to the website.
We have developed this application for the people to find the right website as they want. They do not need to struggle in finding the proper website anymore. Use our application and explore the information in the code. Similarly we have designed the application to read the bar code also.
Most of the applications in the current will scan QR code only. But we have implemented advanced feature to scan bar code also. Therefore scan the bar code and know the price and specifications of the product. You do not need to search for this excellent application anywhere. Just visit our website and download the application.
People can also find our app in the android and windows application stores. We will tell you how to use the application in the following steps:
• Just turn on the camera in your smart phone.
• Scan the QR / bar code using the rear camera.
• The application will decode the information. Otherwise it will take you to the respective website.