So, you have successfully launched your product. Now, some app creators like to think this is the end of the road, but it’s not. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Your next big focus is marketing your app.

In the first post, we talked about pre- launch strategies. But remember, pre-launch is around 3 months at the longest, launch is only about 1 to 2 days, but post-launch can last extremely long. Many businesses fail to follow through post product sales and as such, they are missing valuable sales conversions. So, once you launched your app now your next big focus is Marketing your app.

App marketing can be broken into two categories:
• Organic Marketing
• Paid Marketing (that will be discussed in part2)

Organic Marketing is the marketing without paying to earn downloads while Paid marketing is to spend money for marketing (discussed in part2).

Organic marketing is something very important for every marketer as it includes free modes of increasing downloads. As paid marketing shows good results but everyone can’t go for it.
In this article, we will discuss about post launching methods (part1).

Organic Marketing includes:
1. Signup for app store analytics e.g . App Annie,Mobile DevHQ.
2. App Review Sites
3. Social sharing –fb, Linkedin, twitter,g+,Pinterest etc
4. Encourage user to rate
5. Forum and blogs
6. Cross Promotion

In this article we, will discuss all the points one by one:
1. Signup for app store analytics: Organic marketing is just like the boundless sea, as it comprises a long list of marketing methods. There are some very complicated challenges which many marketers face like:
a. Which marketing method is effective and which is not ?
b. Most of the organic marketing campaigns fail because of the improper planning at earlier phase and wrong implementation.

A variety of analytics tools exist that can perform useful analytic and can help you test for the best organic marketing. Some of the Appstore Optimization tools are App AnnieAlaume and MobileDevHQ.

2. App Review Sites: App review is an important part of your marketing but getting your app reviewed on top android review sites is really a difficult task. There are plenty of good android review sites on the internet, but every site has different criteria for selecting app for review. Some of the sites charge for reviewing your app while some select according to their parameters. You can earn a high percentage of downloads for new apps after those apps have been reviewed by app review sites. So, it becomes important to reach out to these review site in order to drive a burst of downloads at your launch time.
Some of popular App review sites are:…droid-app/…ation.html


3. Social Sharing: Make your app viral as sharing your content on social networking sites like FB, twitter, g+, linkedin etc adds new users in your customers list. Although sharing you content is pretty simple and takes very less time as compared to other marketing steps but it’s the most competitive step of marketing. It’s important to make sharing the app simple, just have a way to share via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. The simpler you make sharing the app, the more users will engage in the process of sharing.

The biggest challenge in Social Media Marketing is to target correct audience, just updating your stuff daily or every hour is of no use unless your stuff is not reaching correct audience.

4. Encourage user to rate: To the some extent, your app ranking depends on how many ratings your app got and how high those ratings are. There are plenty of ways to encourage users to rate your app like:
• In app marketing, it includes showing pop up messages while the user is running app. But, it should not irritate user, otherwise user will uninstall your app by leaving a bad review with 1-2 star rating. You can implement this request after they’ve used the app a few times, after they’ve spent a set amount of time using the app, etc.
• There are plenty of other ways but they are discussed in Paid Marketing section, like concept of virtual currency etc.

5. Forums and Blogs: Post your app in all the available related forums and blogs. There are several forums for Android like AndroidpitXDA developersAndroid Community etc. where you can display your app and drive traffic towards your app. Although, it’s a time consuming process, but through this you can drive traffic as well as user gives genuine comments on your app which can be a great help in updating your app.

6. Cross promotion: The idea of cross promotion is simple and attractive. Two or more companies can promote each other’s product for mutual benefit. If you are a new developer and struggling to contact other developer, now you need not to personally contact other developers, many Ad networks provide this service free like Flurry.

Developing an app is hard, but marketing an app is even harder. It requires a multi-faceted and anti doomed approach that should be coordinated well. Each of the steps above will contribute to successful post launch marketing, but none of them are silver bullets.
For earning high downloads you have to create a great app and consistently promote it before and after launch through as many ways as possible in the app store ecosystem or outside it. With a lot of hard work, and a little luck, you can build a massively successful mobile app that will drive your business towards success.