Now a day’s Movie maker around the world are focusing on mobile games to promote their movies. Posters, billboards and TV commercials to promoting a movie are past, because now movie marketers are targeting mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry) to attract an audience and engage them with the movies several days before the release. A new era of cinema has begun, and mobiles are at its center. A smart phone game which is based on your movie is a smart move. “Creatiosoft” offers you the best game development service based on your movie. We have already made some awesome games based on Bollywood movies. The audience is hungry to dive into the impressive graphics with amazing characters and environment. Why Mobile ? If you’re planning to launch a movie, the major concern for movie marketer is – How they reach to the bigger audience and get them involved? Today mobile phones have become a necessity for every person throughout the world and smart phones have really changed the way of communication. So mobile user’s are the pretty much essential and target audience for the movies. Why Games? It’s no surprise that mobile games are becoming more popular. Games are always one of the most engaging activities for mobile user’s. Promoting movies through mobile games is a new trend. Movie studios outsource to game development company to develop a game for their upcoming movies. Mobile users are always hungry for the new games. If you launched a game with an interesting game play, including movie characters and plots, this could be an extremely effective way for getting an audience involved in the movie. Smart phone games are starting to take a more prominent place in the Hollywood and Bollywood industry There are tons of examples where both of movies and games made perfect revenue for their makers. We have seen games was launched before the releases of the movies like Star Wars, Fast and Furious, Hobbit, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Krissh, Dhoom , Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Chennai Express and many others . The game received huge success and the movie too, and so it happened. Marketing films is not an easy task. Do something remarkable.