Mobile Marketing is a big challenge in today’s world. Even most experienced marketers agree that marketing mobile apps is one of their most difficult challenges. The top reasons are:
•     Mobile app world is new, full of lots of trial and error.
•     Trend of selecting top app is changing constantly and it’s difficult to stay ahead.
•     Lack of sufficient resources and time to manage it in the way they’d like.
Today, many mobile app marketers are struggling to acquire users, to stretch their budgets by good downloads, and to get a return of their good apps.
After lot of analysis, found some good points, which I would like to share with all of you. Following are some Mobile App Marketing Mistakes:
1.   Following traditional marketing ways.
2.   If you are not updated with the market analysis ie. not tracking and optimizing marketing updates.
3.   You are  ignoring post-download reviews and comments.
4.   Employing too few traffic sources.
5.   Depending on traditional agencies or relying direct interactions with ad networks.

Following traditional marketing Methods :

This mistake is very common. Marketers too often rely on the tradi-
tional marketing activities which  they already know. Online activities like banner advertising and PPC campaigns that target desktop web, offline
activities such as TV and radio advertising, and even print marketing. This approach  fails due to mainly two reasons. First, these target large mass and many of them have no interest in downloading and using your app. Many people in the targeted audience may not even have iPhone, iPad or Android device. Secondly, TV ads, banner ads or print marketing fails in explaining the way how to download the app as it requires work. So, even if a potential user has a required Android, iPhone, iPad mobile device on hand, due to lack of understanding it’s conversion rate are extremely low in
comparison to in-app advertising through mobile devices.
How to avoid:
Try to advertise in the area where you know potential users have the appropriate device and where they are interested in downloading your app immediately after seeing your ad.

Not tracking and optimizing marketing updates: 

App store dynamics and ranking algorithms may change in hour. Newtraffic sources burst onto the scene every week. Most mobile app marketers either  can’t stay on top of these changes, even after their excellent marketing strategies and efforts. So, Marketers who are unable to track spend and optimize advertising in real-time are not just wasting their money, but they’re also losing opportunities to rise above their competitors. Always try to be updated with the trends.

How to avoid:

To avoid this, marketers should use technology to track their marketing data in real-time and optimize toward sources that are generating the most efficient results.

Ignoring post-download reviews and comments

A common mistake made by mobile app marketers is to ignore reviews and comments of the users. As they are the only one who exactly give opinion to your invention. Always try to satisfy your users, this will help you in marketing your future apps.

How to Avoid this Mistake
Track user reviews from the day of launch and try to rectify the problem.

Employing too Few Traffic Sources:

The most frequent mistakes which mobile marketers usually do is employing too few traffic sources to acquire new app users as there are numerous sources available and marketers run a considerable risk of achieving subpar results if they do not take advantage of whichever traffic sources perform best for their specific mobile app.

How to Avoid
Analysis shows that working with a large number of traffic sources to identify those, which are most effective, can improve performance by 30 to 50 %.

Depending on traditional agencies or relying direct interactions with ad networks

Marketing a mobile app requires approaches that are different than traditional marketing approaches, yet a common mistake marketers make is to rely on traditional ad agencies or marketing firms that may not have specialized expertise in the nuances that are unique to mobile app marketing.

How to Avoid
Analysis found that working with a large number of adver- tiser’s perspective, it is better to rely on an outside partner that specializes in mobile app marketing and only represents the best interests of advertisers. Of course your partner of choice will decide your benefit from your app.

So, avoid some basic mistakes  which may be hampering your business!!